Excited for the 1199?

Are you excited for the 2012 Ducati 1199? I sure am. Extended swing arm, new engine positioning, no more trellis frame- these are just a few of the changes Ducati is throwin’ down this time around. 

Ducatisti purist’s might get their undies in a bunch at the prospective changes, but I whole heartedly believe this bike is going to be a doozy. I think the purists will be converted.

Sean Smith from HFL gives a good summary of reasons as to why some of the changes are surely for the better.

“…You may have noticed me calling it a V-twin earlier and that’s because the motor has been tilted back. This means a shorter overall motor, the possibility of a longer swingarm, easier packaging of the cooling system and less chance of the tire meeting the front valve cover under hand braking. Belts are replaced with chains that lead to a gear system in each head like KTM uses on some of it’s twin-cam MX motors.”

You can see more pictures on MotoCorsa.com and read the full, lovely article on Hell For Leather.

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