21 Helmets Show 2012

December 1st at See See Coffee & Motorcycles… the second (I think? right?)) year of the 21 Helmets show commenced thanks to the planning of Thor Drake. You guessed it… the show has 21 helmets from 21 different artists. Shinya Kimura, Chemical Candy Customs, Death Spray Customs, Roland Sands, and more… 


Let’s get my obligatory photographer helmet reflection self portrait out of the way. Ok? Ok.


Here’s Thor Drake’s helmet of retro awesomeness. 


And one from Drake McElroy (Smoking Seagulls).


Brent Wick with some awesome feather action. 


Death Spray Customs with some awesome bubbles.


HSSSSS! Angry pussycat gold leaf helmet by Shinya Kimura. That’s right!

shinya kimura custom helmet at 21 helmets portland oregon

A Lennard Schuurmans creation sporting the, “Hey Ho Let’s Go!” anthem. 


Tuesday Tori’s wood covered 3/4 helmet. This was one of my favorites. 


Chemical Candy Customs brought it’s vibrant sparkly goodness (as most of us would expect).


Cody McElroy (Smoking Seagulls) did this dual-helmet design. I am a fan of the intricacy of the snake. 


In case you felt a lack of denim, patches, and crossbones… Jud Nichelson spread it on.


A Roland Sands masterpiece- sorry but I reeeeeally love the apocalypse feel of this one. Reminds me of Mad Max. …And if you follow my blog, you know how much I love Mad Max.

Chainbrain was another favorite of mine… awesome idea and very well executed. 

The Deth Killers of Bushwick helmet was also very lovely.

It definitely had a lot to look at.

The eyeball from Garage 31 was also pretty rad. 

And here’s a random hipshot of Genie and Slipper.

And some other neat designs… 

I could go on and on with photos… but instead I invite you over to my flickr album with 52 photos of the glorious art from the 21 Helmets show.

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