Ladies of the 2015 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

1-Rotterdam_Netherlands_David Marvier_2015-1191-1300px

Rotterdam, Netherlands | photo by David Marvier

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is a worldwide charity ride event for men’s prostate cancer awareness and research.

Each year motorcyclists everywhere pull out their custom and classic bikes, their Sunday best, and head out for a dapper meet up. The fellas at the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride wrangled up a huge collection of photographs featuring the participating women riders from around the world- illustrating the wide variety of motorcycles and dress involved in the event. The DGR has specific rules for participation- you must dress “Dapper”, and your bike must be classic in design (vintage, custom, or retro modern). The idea behind this is to elevate the effort of involvement and create a cohesive style across the planet. Distinguished riders are just that, and their debonaire outfits with shiny boots, classy coats, suspenders, and bow ties/scarves, create a spectacle for onlookers. Going through all of the images in this article, you’ll have a hard time telling that the photos were taken in London, Sydney, Los Angeles, Toronto… all over the place. (Photo captions include location and photographer information.)

With 37,257 registered riders on across over 70 countries, nearly three million dollars (USD) was raised this year.

1-Zurich_Switzerland_Christian Jung_IMG_5781-1300px

Zurich, Switzerland | photo by Christian Jung

Baptiste David - DGR 2015

Sydney, Australia | photo by Baptiste David

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Ljubljana 2015

Ljubljana, Slovenia | photo by Klemen Korenjak

1-San Francisco_USA_I Shoot From The Hip_12029851_1020324284665594_6207238468125296547_o-1300px

San Francisco, USA | Shoot from the Hip Photography

1-Rotterdam_Netherlands_David Marvier_2015-0472 1-1300px

Rotterdam, Netherlands | photo by David Marvier

1-Sydney_Australia_Scott Hopkin_IMG_7860-1300px

Sydney, Australia | photo by Scott Hopkin

1-London_England_Mihail Jershov_IMG_8785-1300px

London, England | photo by Mihail Jershov

Bern, Switzerland | photo by Tim Loosli

Bern, Switzerland | photo by Tim Loosli

London, England | photo by Nuttapol Phiriyawatkul

London, England | photo by Nuttapol Phiriyawatkul


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