DualSporty Go Boom


Caroline’s Sporty just punched me in the face.

A whole shop of people just watched me, and it, topple off the stand. Don’t worry… I broke it’s fall with my face. No damage… and better tie downs now. Won’t be happening again.

That’s what I get for not asking for help- I needed another hand on the shift lever so I could figure out positioning. Instead I carefully leaned over (or so I thought) to twist the bolt by hand and… oh oh oh the bike started to tip and all of a sudden I was falling head first toward the next motorcycle lift. Yes I’m fine, I hit my nose on the other bike, and the Sporty landed on my head. Bruised, probably going to have a shiner, but totally okay.



If any of you ever have anxiety about looking like a fool working on, around, or riding motorcycles.. Just remember this moment and laugh at me.

That is all.

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