Ducati Warrior by Elizabeth Raab


Jamie Harty is a “Sales Maven” at Ducati Minneapolis, and yes, loves to ride.

One of the photographs from Elizabeth Raab’s photoshoot with Jamie Harty was sent to me by┬áJames Mann, a reader who knows this lovely lady. He said, “She’s one of the most vibrant, naturally wild, well-connected-to-the-universe women I’m fortunate enough to know.”

Her photoshoot captured that well.


From wild woman with a Hypermotard, to a 899 Panigale. Then, onto a darker mood…




Check out more of Elizabeth Raab’s photography on her website elizabethraab.com.

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  • Erik Buckos

    Pretty lady, cool bikes, some cool yoga. I don’t know why, but it’s not working….

    • Jose Armenteros

      Its the photos aesthetics itself. The noise is high the composition is off and the model isnt really conveying anything (not a fan of the handstands as it works against the bike and the composition of the shot. ENR is a great photographer too her Desmo shoot was amazing and the photos looked more polished. I wonder if she let the subject dictate more this shoot.

      • Erik Buckos

        Maybe a shoot where you ride to an awesome spot…do some yoga….in good light. The moto-yoga-road-warrior isn’t working.