4k Giveaway Helmet Paint by Jeff Wolf

The other day I posted a preview photo of Heidi Cormier‘s custom helmet from the 4k Facebook Giveaway, promising better ones would come later. Welp, here they are. 


Heidi specified black and gold as her two colors, and I relayed that to the talented Jeff Wolf when I gave him the medium Icon Airmada helmet. 

As usual, he delivered something really beautiful and unique. 


Heidi said-

I think gold and black would look steller on the matte black. As far as design/lettering i’m not sure if hes willing to do this much but i would love for it to say: Forever Two Wheels and then the initials P L C.
They are my great uncles initials, he was my numero uno riding partner until he passed 4 years ago. We literally rode up until the day before he passed. He was 86 and still got excited when we would find a new twisty back road. Coolest guy ever! Anywho… I would love to honor him in that way.

And honored your Great Uncle shall be. 



The whole helmet is really beautiful, from Icon’s original lines to the ones Wolf emphasized with his brush… but I think the back is my favorite part.


To see all the photos from the 4K FB Giveaway Contest check out this link, and if you’d like to check out more of Jeff Wolf’s work, go check out his facebook page.

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