How to Ride Bitch (A Guide for Men)


This video is pure gold. “Riding on the back of another man’s motorcycle can be a dangerous threat to one’s manhood. Commonly known as ‘riding bitch;’.”

For men that may need to hitch a ride with a brofriend, this 1960s throwback instructional video from Alex Vivian and Cris Balmaceda is both informative, and hilarious.¬†Here’s a few highlights- never look your rider in the eye, give a good 10 cm gap between rider’s back and passenger’s balls, and most definitely do not massage the rider.

Here’s a breakdown of the nut-to-butt riding positions that are ‘allowed’.

The Meerkat


The Teapot


The Rodeo


The Siamese Twins – “back to back you’ve never looked more manly!”


“Ahhh, motorcycles- two wheels straight to a woman’s heart.”


Take a minute and watch-

HOW TO RIDE BITCH from Alex Vivian on Vimeo.

Starring Sean Keenan, Simon Carr, Ashleigh Wesseling, and Hannah Varland. I wish more motorcycle videos were like this. So good.

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