Icon Wheelie Woman Mai-Lin


Sometimes I fail to find the story behind a photo- and this is one of those times. Icon Motosport decked out wheelie woman- Mai-Lin on a red Triumph. The image was taken for a German Magazine.

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source: DaideGas.it | related: more wheelies

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Posted on December 19, 2014 in MotoLadies by

  • Nick Schmidt

    Jessica Maine. One of the original female stunt riders and road for icon for years back in the day

  • Technocracy

    Kindly look at her license plate.

  • jakeroswell

    I’m sorry, this is not Jessica Maine. If you look closely it is a european license plate, that’s because this photo was taken by a german motorcycle magazine. And the rider is Mai-Lin Senft, a female german stunt rider.

  • pete

    Is Germany in merika?

  • Rick Peterson

    can’t she pull that thing a little higher?