The BORN TO RIDE June contest winner is Lauri McKain!

I started riding two years ago, and up to that point had never changed my own tire or oil in any vehicle. A few months after riding, I broke down with my 2006 Ninja 250. With the help of a friend, I changed out the engine. Then, because we enjoyed working on that project together, we bought a 1975 kz400 which we are restoring. And, I just got a 1990 Zephyr 550 to restore, as well. I got my motorcycle license at age 40, and now, two years later, when I include the parts bikes, I own 7 motorcycles!

Riding brought about some amazing changes in my life, not just stretching my driving skills—it has led me to so many new people and experiences. I truly believe I was not only born to ride, but I was meant to dig into engines and bring new life to vintage machines.

Choosing a winner was really, really, really difficult. But this lady made me smile so big! She went from never having changed a tire to breathing new life into beat up motorcycles. Lauri, you’re amazing. 

And to all the other entrants, you’re absolutely amazing too. 
Runner up: Jackie Lovrin
Second Runner up: Chelsea Zwingle

See all the entries on my flickr page.  

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