Lisalla Montenegro Wears the Vika


Apparently Brazilian model Lisalla Montenegro can ride a motorcycle. She tried out the [somewhat controversial] women’s Vika two piece suit by Alpinestars. I will say, it looks nice… on a models body.

Someone with a more normal shape… try this gear and let me know what you think!



Photos by CJ Wilson | Original article Hell for Leather

Posted on November 7, 2012 in Gear & Gizmos, MotoLadies by

  • Roxtar

    I actually own the Vika jacket and pants. I am regular girl (size 10) with an ample booty. I absolutely love the Vika set. I have the armour I want, shoulders, elbows, knees and I added the back protection. These are the most comfortable set of leather jacket and pants. I just rode over 600 miles in two days and my Vika set kept me safe and comfortable the whole time. On top of the I felt like I looked amazing, which only helped my confidence even more. I personally am very happy to see gear that still allows me to feel feminine even when participating in a very masculine sport and wrapped from head to toe in protective gear. It is easy to feel lost and buried under helmet, jacket, pants and boots, but the Vika set lets me feel like “I” am still there. Hope this helps. Roxanne