Lois Pryce: One Woman Travelling Across Iran

British travel writer Lois Pryce motorcycled 3,000 miles through Iran on her own. A mural on a military compound in Tehran's Felestin Square commemorates "The Imposed War," as the Iran-Iraq war is known locally.

British travel writer Lois Pryce motorcycled 3,000 miles through Iran on her own. A mural on a military compound in Tehran’s Felestin Square commemorates “The Imposed War,” as the Iran-Iraq war is known locally.

British adventure motorcyclist and writer Lois Pryce completes a 3,000 mile solo motorcycle road trip across Iran.

As a woman, riding a motorcycle can be a daunting task in and of itself. Whether it’s the anxiety of walking into a motorcycle shop full of guys, or the frustration of finding someone to help you learn about the mechanical workings of your bike without talking to you like you’re an idiot because you weren’t born with a wrench in your hand… some ladies are more fortunate than others in that realm. Even riding around, you’ll sometimes hear comments so stupid you can barely believe they were said like, “Hey, need me to show you how to ride that thing?” or “Oh, cool bike. Who’s is it?” Ladies and gentlemen, these are things my friends have heard on just the West Coast.

Lois Pryce ventured into a country that the Foreign Office strongly suggests against visiting with only herself, essentials packed in her luggage, and her motorbike. Prospective tourists of Iran are told, “British nationals could be detained in Iran despite their complete innocence”.

She didn’t let those warnings ruin her three week long road trip- “On the one hand I’d hear awful things about women being stoned for adultery, the highest rate of execution in the world, and nuclear enriching,” she said. “Then overland travellers would say Iran was wonderful and their favourite country, and that difference intrigued me.”

“I was aware that there was an element of risk, as there is no British representation in Iran, but I believed that it was a risk worth taking – and I am so glad I did.”

At times she was pushed off the road by vehicles, not out of malice… but to give her gifts like bags of pomegranates! Their culture is one of great hospitality, which she felt first hand on her travels.


Lois is the author of two books telling tales of her long distance motorcycle trips called ‘Lois on the Loose’ and ‘Red Tape and White Knuckles’. Check out her work at loisontheloose.com.

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