Motorcycle History: Clara & Adline

Clara Mayer and Adline VanVlanderen pose with their motorcycles in the 1940s and in 2003 when they returned to recreate the photo in Cudahy, Wisconsin.


I don’t have any more back story to the photo, however the original 1940s image appears in the HD museum available as a print. One can imagine these two lovely ladies reuniting after twenty odd years and comparing their new bikes to the old.

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Posted on December 27, 2014 in History, MotoLadies by

  • Dan Larson

    20 odd years? More like 50 odd years! Awesome photos.

  • David Aguilar


  • SoyBoySigh

    Oooh gotta love that vintage pic! It’s got this whole … Anne Bannon “Beebo Brinker” vibe to it!

  • SoyBoySigh

    What’s this about them re-uniting? Can’t we imagine that they’d lived together that entire time, instead? Please don’t pop my bubble.