One Woman And 12,000 Miles On A Triumph Bonneville


Weronika Kwapisz, 27 years old, is a Polish motolady who had a dream to ride across America- and she made it happen!

Recently she completed her 12,250+ mile (19,728 km) trip around the United States on a Triumph Bonneville, loaded up with a touring screen and soft saffle bags. Her journey took her all over the nation, as well as to Vancouver and BC, Canada.

Photo by Peter Domorak

Photo by Peter Domorak

Partnered with Garmin, she filmed her adventure on a their Virb video camera. Her solo journey took her through nice weather as well as miserable, and most all of the trip was completed riding solo.

Photo by Peter Domorak

Photo by Peter Domorak

Photo by Peter Domorak

Photo by Peter Domorak

Weronika adds this expedition to her growing list of motorcycle travel accomplishments, including a trip across Europe on a 125cc Suzuki VanVan. She did over 7,400 mi (12,000 km) in 48 days total, including Italy (six days), the Alps (six days), and Norway (14 days).

She recently released a video highlighting some of her favorite roads and views.



Watch the video-

Don’t forget to check out her website-!

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