Josie & Her 1981 KZ305


Josie’s riding the KZ305 that she customized to her liking- “The sense of peace I get while riding is uncomparable to anything else I have experienced.”

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Cycle Gear’s Donates 10k to Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists


Industry giant Cycle Gear continues it’s 40 year history of supporting women in motorcycling by donating $10,000 to the Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists.

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Submissions: The First Edition


A collection of submissions from lovely motorcycling women around the world.

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Shasta Smith Stars in Red Hot Design


The very first cable TV series featuring a motolady- red-headed motorcycle maven Shasta Smith hosts “Red Hot Design” on FYI. Sounds like an entertaining show!

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Emi Van Cleave: 9 y/o MiniMoto Champion


This impressive little lady is Emi Van Cleave, a 9 year old motorcycle racer, and MiniMoto USA’s Overall Junior Champ for the past two years!

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The Lake of Bonneville Salt Flats


Bonneville Speed Week was postponed by a day today because of rain on the flats, which immediately brought to mind the un-published images from the MotoLady trip to Bonneville for the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials (which took place the week after speed week in 2012). Now known as the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials, this wasn’t the first time they got rained out, and it won’t be the last.

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The Moto Quest: Aileen’s Out of Bali


The Moto Quest: One Woman. Two Wheels. Four Corners. Aileen’s finally on the road, out of Bali, and her epic adventure has truly begun.

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Monster Project: Transforming the Tail


Every Throwback Thursday we’ll be bringing you a new section of the MotoLady Monster Project. Reviewing each piece of the process! This week, the transformation of the tail.

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Review: Fly Racing Coolpro II Ladies Jacket


The Fly Racing Coolpro II ladies jacket is a summer jacket made entirely of mesh, with a windbreaker/water resistant zip-out liner. It’s a great basic piece of gear, perfect for those super warm days, hot climates, and areas with moody warm weather. It comes in both black and grey/white colorways, and includes removable CE approved elbow and shoulder armor. Plus it’s just $125.

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