Blanket Harness & Strap

The MotoLady blanket harness and strap is hand crafted in the MotoLady garage out of Oak Leaf premium leather. It includes both the belt like blanket harness, and a long adjustable strap for carrying and mounting the blanket roll to your motorcycle or other luggage. D-rings and trigger clips allow for an array of positions. Designed for motorcyclists who like adventure, this harness can be used with beach towels, sleeping bags, wool blankets, and so much more. Wrap your toiletries and spare underwear up inside your sleeping bag, roll it all up and strap it down in the harness, and voila you’ve got an overnight bag.

There are multiple options available, all hand dyed high quality leather in brown, tan, black, mahogany. Consider that the “chrome” (nickel-plated) hardware will not last as long as the solid brass option, but both are made to last. And by the way, that means solid brass… none of that plated junk.

Blanket not included, however one can be added if you like. Simply send me an email.

Please note that each item is hand made and therefore the exact hardware items may vary slightly from harness to harness. Please allow ample time for creation of your item between order and delivery. Sorry, no returns will be accepted.

$80.00 — $90.00