Sparck Moto Universal Wiring Harness

Clean up your bike’s messy old electrical with this [much easier to install] universal wiring harness from Sparck Moto! Sparck Moto is a small company located in Albany, Oregon run and founded by Matthew Arck.

The universal harness differs from stock harnesses in several ways.

A single inline fuse replaces your fuse box, which reduces the total number of wiring runs, keeping the harness slimmer and much more clean. Smaller 18 gauge wires replace much of the original 16 gauge wiring- high current connections like your headlight can be plugged into thicker 14 gauge wires provided on the harness.

For those retaining the use of the their stock ignition switches, you will also notice that the “Parking” position on your ignition switch is no longer used. Your ignition switch now serves as an on/off switch only. It should be noted that your new wiring harness is only the main harness. Not included is any additional wiring for points, electronic ignitions, the thick ground strap wire, or the thick starter motor / solenoid wires.

Lastly, certain “safety” features on different motorcycles such as flasher cancelers, reserve lighting relays, and other extra baubles… are all gone. Boom, clean wiring harness that you won’t give you a headache.

Please note that no returns will be accepted unless the item is faulty.