so you have the bmw and that other ugly grey bike and you still have the audacity to ask people for money to restore a ducati? what the fuck? some people aren’t lucky enough to have ONE bike much less THREE… much less to INCLUDE a BMW AND a Ducati. you are just fucking shameless

Hey haterade drinker, just to clear the air with everyone… I have zero bikes on the road. The Monster is inches from being done (thank you everyone for your support), I have a BSA frame pile of crap that I bought for $40, I rode a borrowed XS400 in Portland (thank you so much Jonah), and I rode a BMW in Canada that was lent. Oh and I also have a non running CB125S that I bought for $100. 

Hope that helps you sleep at night.


Mark Bjorklund, Sodium Distortion Ducati S4RS Salt Racer

Mark Bjorklund of Super Rat with his Sodium Distortion Ducati S4RS salt racer at the BUB ...

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