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Hey MotoLady! I want to buy a couple of your shirts for a lady I know who's getting into riding, but I can't find a link to buy them on your site :( HELP!! — Asked by Anonymous

Sorry for everyone that’s encountering this issue and point of confusion right now- I’ve pulled a lot of random stuff off my site and other sites (like the redbubble shop) while I’m finishing the details and prepping for the new site launch. The new MotoLady digs will be complete with a fully functioning ecommerce store where you will be able to buy all the ML apparel, trinkets, parts and more that your heart desires. 

So until then, email me if you want to buy any of the tshirts, hoodies, bandanas, or tank tops. alicia (at) <- (I do this because spammybots are evil.)


Women Who Wrench and Ride


I received this note from a reader recently, and wanted to expand on her comments. Firstly, thank you Becca for the kind words. Super awesome to hear you wrench and ride yourself. You are definitely not alone!

As for lady riders who also wrench, check out this list of other awesome motoladies you can follow online. 

Is something wrong with your site? I looks like crap on my desktop or laptop no matter which browser I am using but it looks great on my phone? Is it supposed to look like this? — Asked by Anonymous

Weird, sounds like the interwebs are poking your browser with a runcible spoon just to give it a hard time. Looks fab on all my devices.


If you have further information on “it looking like crap” such as a screenshot or what have you, feel free to send it thru the submissions page for troubleshooting (select ‘photo’ in dropdown)


so you have the bmw and that other ugly grey bike and you still have the audacity to ask people for money to restore a ducati? what the fuck? some people aren't lucky enough to have ONE bike much less THREE... much less to INCLUDE a BMW AND a Ducati. you are just fucking shameless — Asked by Anonymous

Hey haterade drinker, just to clear the air with everyone… I have zero bikes on the road. The Monster is inches from being done (thank you everyone for your support), I have a BSA frame pile of crap that I bought for $40, I rode a borrowed XS400 in Portland (thank you so much Jonah), and I rode a BMW in Canada that was lent. Oh and I also have a non running CB125S that I bought for $100. 

Hope that helps you sleep at night.


Can you give the feminist tone a break and just show your love for motorcycles? It's safe to assume that the majority, if not all of the people who follow you respect female riders or else they wouldn't read your posts. — Asked by Anonymous

I’m sorry, excuse me? Feminism is defined as the advocacy for women’s rights to be equal to men. I don’t believe posting content about women riding is anything but a feminist tone and hell no I’m not going to change the way I operate my website because I offended your delicate sensibilities. 

I was going to ask for examples but I think based on the definition most people could define my whole website as feminist. The word feminist has a bunch if negative connotations and while I understand it’s because many women who speak for feminism do it loudly and without grace, but I do not subscribe to the propaganda surrounding the word.

What I find truly fascinating about this (anonymous) message is that you want me to show my love for motorcycles however you define it, not how I define it. Implying the people I feature and the things I comment with my posts do anything but. I assure you, the hours upon hours of work I put into this site is ONLY because of my pure love and joy for motorbikes. DON’T TELL ME HOW TO LOVE! hahahaha…

To each their own.

Hi there, my friend has been trying to find the 'Every Man Dies but not Every Man Truly Lives' poster here in the UK. We cannot find a print to purchase anywhere, are you able to point me in the right direction as, I see you have the graphic? Many thanks in advance — Asked by Anonymous

The “Every man dies, but not every man truly lives” graphic appeared to be a scan from a screenprint on cloth, probably a tshirt. Unfortunately it is one of the photos I could not find an original source for (I just reverse image searched it again and am finding my page shows the oldest instance of the image) but I don’t know where to find the original image/graphic and if it’s a poster or not. 

The quote was originally “Every man dies, not every man really lives” and said by William Wallace, one of the leaders during the Wars of Scottish Independence back in the late 1200’s (wiki). It was then used by the character Randall Wallace in Braveheart (youtube clip).

Advertising on your blog. Get in touch. — Asked by Anonymous

Thanks for writing! Unfortunately since the platform I’m currently using kind of sucks for contact stuff, I don’t have any way to get in touch with you. 

Anyone who is interested in advertising or gear testing etc, feel free to email me at alicia (at)!

Hey, cool lady biker :) i too live to ride and spanner, i would love one of your t-shirts but live across the pond, will you ship ? how much ? May the wind behind you always be your own xx — Asked by Anonymous

Howdy there! Yes, I can ship overseas. Leave a comment on this post with your contact, or send me an email at so we can get it worked out!

Thanks for writing. :)  

Hey I would love to participate in your june contest but the Icon Hella Heartbreaker jacket doesn't really suit me. Have any alternatives for a male winner? — Asked by Anonymous

Nope. The Hella Heartbreaker jacket is what I’m giving away this contest. Sorry, homeskillet.

On that note… you can still participate. Send me a pic! :) Second and third place are still notable titles!

How long have you been riding? (: — Asked by Anonymous

I’ve had my endorsement 6 years, got my first bike 2 summers ago and have been riding as much as I humanly can since then. :)