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Women Who Wrench and Ride


I received this note from a reader recently, and wanted to expand on her comments. Firstly, thank you Becca for the kind words. Super awesome to hear you wrench and ride yourself. You are definitely not alone!

As for lady riders who also wrench, check out this list of other awesome motoladies you can follow online. 

Is something wrong with your site? I looks like crap on my desktop or laptop no matter which browser I am using but it looks great on my phone? Is it supposed to look like this? — Asked by Anonymous

Weird, sounds like the interwebs are poking your browser with a runcible spoon just to give it a hard time. Looks fab on all my devices.


If you have further information on “it looking like crap” such as a screenshot or what have you, feel free to send it thru the submissions page for troubleshooting (select ‘photo’ in dropdown)


Can you give the feminist tone a break and just show your love for motorcycles? It's safe to assume that the majority, if not all of the people who follow you respect female riders or else they wouldn't read your posts. — Asked by Anonymous

I’m sorry, excuse me? Feminism is defined as the advocacy for women’s rights to be equal to men. I don’t believe posting content about women riding is anything but a feminist tone and hell no I’m not going to change the way I operate my website because I offended your delicate sensibilities. 

I was going to ask for examples but I think based on the definition most people could define my whole website as feminist. The word feminist has a bunch if negative connotations and while I understand it’s because many women who speak for feminism do it loudly and without grace, but I do not subscribe to the propaganda surrounding the word.

What I find truly fascinating about this (anonymous) message is that you want me to show my love for motorcycles however you define it, not how I define it. Implying the people I feature and the things I comment with my posts do anything but. I assure you, the hours upon hours of work I put into this site is ONLY because of my pure love and joy for motorbikes. DON’T TELL ME HOW TO LOVE! hahahaha…

To each their own.

Hi there, my friend has been trying to find the 'Every Man Dies but not Every Man Truly Lives' poster here in the UK. We cannot find a print to purchase anywhere, are you able to point me in the right direction as, I see you have the graphic? Many thanks in advance — Asked by Anonymous

The “Every man dies, but not every man truly lives” graphic appeared to be a scan from a screenprint on cloth, probably a tshirt. Unfortunately it is one of the photos I could not find an original source for (I just reverse image searched it again and am finding my page shows the oldest instance of the image) but I don’t know where to find the original image/graphic and if it’s a poster or not. 

The quote was originally “Every man dies, not every man really lives” and said by William Wallace, one of the leaders during the Wars of Scottish Independence back in the late 1200’s (wiki). It was then used by the character Randall Wallace in Braveheart (youtube clip).

help help !!!so just brought a ducati monster 600 (2001) and im in the process of fixing her up , but ive just realised !!!! argh where do i put my paniers and tent when i go camping and rallys ????? any ideas ???? the soft luggage ive got drops on to the exhaust so is no good ,please dont say a top box as i really dont like them ! have you got any suggestions — Asked by Anonymous

Hahaha. I’m sorry, I can’t help but laugh at the panic in which you asked this. Take a breath. Ducati Monsters aren’t rally or camping bikes in my minds eye, but I’m sure there are options. Firstly, without information about where your exhaust sits (high, low mount) and such, I don’t really know what to tell you!

Look into getting hard case side mount saddle bags that have a bracket. This might be hard to find for older Monsters, but I’m sure you can peruse ebay and the Ducati Monster Forums for help.  Sign up, post an advice thread… people are usually pretty helpful and will have more experience with this than I will. 

My Monster has no tail, so I’ll be unable to mount any saddle bags. My tank is so fancy I won’t be mounting any top boxes either. So, everything I take anywhere with me will be trapped to my back. 

[post script] jack455 wrote me and said: “Tell your follower with the ducati monster panic to google search ducati monster luggage or panniers on images for an idea. I was looking at monsters and did some searching myself”

Check out the facebook post of this for other replies from readers »

Hey, cool lady biker :) i too live to ride and spanner, i would love one of your t-shirts but live across the pond, will you ship ? how much ? May the wind behind you always be your own xx — Asked by Anonymous

Howdy there! Yes, I can ship overseas. Leave a comment on this post with your contact, or send me an email at so we can get it worked out!

Thanks for writing. :)  

Hey I would love to participate in your june contest but the Icon Hella Heartbreaker jacket doesn't really suit me. Have any alternatives for a male winner? — Asked by Anonymous

Nope. The Hella Heartbreaker jacket is what I’m giving away this contest. Sorry, homeskillet.

On that note… you can still participate. Send me a pic! :) Second and third place are still notable titles!

How long have you been riding? (: — Asked by Anonymous

I’ve had my endorsement 6 years, got my first bike 2 summers ago and have been riding as much as I humanly can since then. :)

If they ever make a ducati woman t-shrit again like you have, could you PLEASE let me know? That is like the only one I'd wear because I usually stay away from wearing brands. I have a monster myself and I WANT YOUR SHIRT!! :) Safe riding! — Asked by Anonymous

You mean these shirts? We actually have the black t-shirt version I was wearing, along with tank tops in black and white.

….I would love to let you know directly, but you signed ‘anonymous’. We have the shirts for sale at my work, MotoCorsa. You can order them right now for $15. Find our contact info on the website or get in touch with me and I’ll make sure we get you one. But this time, leave your contact info!

Any clue why motolady doesn't load on the mac with chrome but does with Firefox? (could be just me, but figured you'd want to know.) — Asked by Anonymous

This would be a problem with your internet connection or computer- it can’t be replicated on other machines. I use Mac, and it works from my laptop, work computer, home desktop, and Justins laptop too. He uses Chrome, I use Firefox and Chrome, and Chrome at work. 

I’m sorry for the trouble, but don’t know how I can help! I am releasing a new website soon, so maybe that will assist the errors people have on occasion. 

A)Having to have a Tumblr acct to assign a name to any of my messages makes me feel like a creeper as I dont have one and therefor am forced to be resigned to "anonymous." But, alas, I'll live. B)I'm not sure if you've heard of Pintrest. It seems like the sort of site you would enjoy based on the formatting of your blog. In either case, I find a heap of my "Life's a Ride" section of my acct comes from your site & I'd like to thank you for your inspiration. Please, keep it up. — Asked by Anonymous

Firstly… thanks for writing!

A) Tumblr ask form doesn’t allow you to include links, but you can always use the submit page… then you can your email or whathaveyou. Or you could leave a comment on any of the pages with a plethora of logins (disqus, facebook, etc). Or you can email me… just delete the spaces out of this address and bam -> alicia @
B) I am aware of pinterest, though I have not used it very much. Mostly because I’ve already got about 800 other sites I use and don’t know if it does anything different than the others. 

On that note- MotoLady is actually going to be released on it’s own platform soon enough, so you won’t have to worry about the limits of Tumblr!

I have no intent of stopping, and always welcome feedback… so again, thank you for writing!

I hate to sound ignorant but why did you call them squids? Back in high school 20 years ago in my part of town squids were the people they call goth today. Ps. Your blog is awesome! — Asked by Anonymous

No worries, we can’t all be on the up and up with these confangled new terms. Squid is used when talking about an inexperienced rider. Generally the term came from the fact that squids go fast in a straight line but are slow around corners. They generally think themselves invincible, and don’t wear proper protection. 

The definition according to the oh-so-reputable Urban Dictionary:

A young motorcyclist who overestimates his abilities, boasts of his riding skills when in reality he has none. Squid bikes are usually decorated with chrome and various anodized bits. Rear tyres are too wide for their own good, swingarm extended. Really slow in the corners, and sudden bursts of acceleration when a straight appears. Squids wear no protection, deeming themselves invincible. This fact compounds intself with the fact that they engage in ‘extreem riding’—performing wheelies and stoppies in public areas.

Interesting how motorcyclists are automatically is referred to as a “he” or “him” there…. haha!

And PS, thank you for the compliment!

Is that deus bike from earlier just another cb750 cafe racer or is it an accurate cr750 replica? If you're gonna reblog old photos, at least get them right. — Asked by Anonymous

Escuse moi, anonymous. Just quoting the source. Check it out, smarty pants.

In fact it’s called the Dick Mann CB750 Race Replica. If you’re going to correct people, at least get it right.


Sean Smith (of HFL) sent me a snazzy li’l link to Extreme Creations’ build page for this bike, correcting me (again) so I wanted to update y’all with the info. The Deus Honda IS a CR750 replica, though I was quoting Deus’ flickr photostream earlier when I said CB. Apparently it was build on a CB frame but it an accurate CR replica.

Misinformation from the source probably via mistype. Oh well, moving on!

Motolady - This is my wife on her 749S. I just wanted to submit the photo since I know you’re a fan of Ducatis and of girls riding them; feel free to remove all the text if you choose this is worthy of posting.

(Submission by Rob)
Thanks Rob, it’s definitely worthy of a post! Love the tail on that thing. The bike, of course. ;) Also dig the dark visor! Yay anonymity.

Motolady - This is my wife on her 749S. I just wanted to submit the photo since I know you’re a fan of Ducatis and of girls riding them; feel free to remove all the text if you choose this is worthy of posting.

(Submission by Rob)

Thanks Rob, it’s definitely worthy of a post! Love the tail on that thing. The bike, of course. ;) Also dig the dark visor! Yay anonymity.

I found your page or whatever it is through stumble upon. Ive then spent the evening looking at every single bike picture. I love that BMW in the header and its what got me into ex military bikes. Would love to know what you think about the harley davidson MT350 and the BMW R71. I cant choose between getting one of them or a Triumph Street Triple — Asked by Anonymous

First thing you need to ask yourself is: What primary function do I want my motorcycle to serve? Are you going to use it for…

  • Commuting?
  • Off roading?
  • Adventure riding?
  • Traveling across many countries?
  • Cruisin’?
  • Lookin’ cool?
  • Speedin’ like a maniac?

Dependent upon what you answered, I can point you in the direction of some of my favorite bikes.

I don’t know much about the HD MT 350, but I do know that if you’re looking for a dual sport bike there are a few amazing options out there. The Ducati Multistrada is one of them. It’s one of those machines that performs beautifully, and it’s designed for multi-use (hence the name). Which seems like something you’re wanting. 

The BMW R71 is one of my favorite motorcycles. It is classic, sexy, and well made. BMW’s are an amazing bike, and a great investment. If you do end up getting one, you should talk with Seth Jaramus for any work you need done. He’s a Beemer specialist in Portland, Oregon. And he’s amazing. 

As for snagging a Triumph Street Triple… I know a few people with these bikes, and they all love them. Triumph, as I’ve heard, is a great company with great mechanical performance as well as design. The 2011 Speed Triple looks like a bad ass machine. 

I also dig the Royal Enfield Bullets, BMW R51Ducati Monster, the Diavel, 848, Honda CBR 600RR (or 1000RR) and I’m still a fan of early Yamaha XS and XJ 650s.

Post Script: Lend an ear to this reader’s opinion.