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Motorcyclist Magazine + Motolady Ducati Scrambler


Behind the scenes goodness from the Motorcyclist Magazine + MotoLady Ducati Scrambler article and photoshoot.

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Women Who Ride Are Happier & More Fulfilled- DUH


A private study funded by Harley Davidson concluded that women who ride are happier and more fulfilled… reeeeeally? Of course we are!

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10 Reasons You Should Date A Motorcyclist


Here’s 10 reasons you should date a motorcyclist- why motorcyclists make better lovers and significant others to follow up other similar articles.

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Lois Pryce: One Woman Travelling Across Iran


British adventure motorcyclist and writer Lois Pryce completes a 3,000 mile solo motorcycle road trip across Iran- but her experience wasn’t what you’d expect.

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The Bias of the NYC SUV Road Rage Incident… AGAIN

Guys, this is what I’m talking about. Nothing about the NYC incident where the Range Rover gets surrounded after a traffic collision then runs over a rider and three motorcycles was okay. Nothing. But what is absolutely abhorrent is the fact that nearly every “big media” news article I read about it said the rider who got ran over had a “broken leg”. Only one I saw alluded to more injuries.  That rider is in a coma, on a breathing machine because his lungs were crushed. I just want to remind everyone… Continue Reading »

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People, this is real- Volkswagen is talking about putting a Ducati 1199 Panigale engine in a car. While a base model fancy hybrid car called the XL1 will hit the Geneva convention, they’re now discussing an XL Sport model equipped with the aforementioned Panigale superquadro engine. It sounds like this car won’t make it to production, but still… I find this intriguing for countless reasons, especially because Ducati was purchased by Audi/Volkswagen while I was working at the Ducati dealership (MotoCorsa). Many people wondered if VW might try to influece the engineering… Continue Reading »

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Reviewing the Infamous NYC SUV / Motorcycle Road Race Incident

At first I almost wanted to avoid posting the video of the SUV running over the motorcyclist and then getting pulled out of his car because it was all over the internet already and I’m really not one to “beat a dead horse”. However, after countless people have sent it to be or asked my opinion I figured it’s time to unleash the verbal beat down (on everyone involved). Every report I’ve read about it on huge news sites has been incredibly biased.  Post script addition: Seriously people, I’m not on the… Continue Reading »

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Review: Icon 1000 Akorp Jacket

MotoLady - Silodrome Icon 1000 Akorp motorcycle jacket review, photo by Gregor Halenda

Silodrome and MotoLady have teamed up to bring you robust gear reviews accompanied by beautiful photography! The first edition? Why the Icon 1000 Akorp jacket, of course!

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Extra, extra! Read all about it!  Go check out my feature on The One Motorcycle Show in SportBikes Inc Magazine. Photos that have not yet been released! Eleven pages of goodness! Sportbikes Inc. Magazine March Issue »

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Little Horse Cycles 1972 CB500 Cafe Racer

Andrew Cornelissen is a motorcyclist and fabricator in Portland, Oregon. His Honda CB500 custom always cruised smoothly into events looking debonaire and classy. I had to get some photos to share. That turned into me asking him all the work he’d done and well, it’s quite the list. Andrew is the founder and owner of Little Horse Cycles, does fantastic fabrication, welding, and top notch motorcycle build projects.  The bike is rather ingenious in design in many ways, when you look below at the mod list you’ll see what I mean. It’s impressively light… Continue Reading »

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