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Strongwoman Juli Moody


Olympic Gold Medalist and motorcycle enthusiast Juli Moody performs a stunt where she holds onto one, two, or four motorcycles while it does a burnout.

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Woman Motorcyclist Hates Litterbugs (video)


This Russian woman motorcyclists hates litterbugs so much, she’s taking matters into her own hands and giving the drivers a taste of their own medicine.

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Miss 1932 in Comic Form

Corinna Mantlo of the Miss-Fires drawn by Takashi Urashima in Japan. [ more motorcycle illustrations | source ]

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Lanakila Goes Chopper

The super babely and equally talented Lanakila MacNaughton with her nearly finished custom chopper from Trevor Kelly Co in Portland, OR.

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Swedish Marines ‘Greased Lightning’ Parody Video


This may be one of the best parody videos I’ve ever seen (and it’s not just because I’m part Swedish). The flare, the sassy hip popping, the military uniforms with synchronized snapping! Oh my! And yes, there’s a motorcycle in it.

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Tigerman 2: A Man, A Moped, A Cape (video)

Capes caught in wheels, baby burnouts, moped stunting, and explosions. This video has it all… and more. Tigerman 2 features a stunter named, you guessed it, Tigerman… and his trusty moped that takes quite a beating. The whole video is almost one big blooper reel, and it’s perfect that way. Our moped hero’s cape breaks loose more than once, getting caught in his wheel and sprocket. I laughed so hard I cried! Take a look. more videos | stuff to make you LOL | source  ▲

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This might be staged, but I wouldn’t be surprised either way. Totally hilarious.  “Oh my god I was sticking my feet out the window and this biker tickled my foot I’m DYING.” posted to @piggiesoink twitter.

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Family MotoCross Time

My buddy Dave Zemla’s three kids, “Bunch of years ago, Hodge Road off the 15. It’s good to be a dad.”

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Christina Mini Bike Racing


Christina Moto-Robot being totally kick ass on a little Honda 50 minibike.

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Asuka Motorcycle Girl Illustration


Mike Werner’s awesome motolady illustration, “growing up with Road Rash, Asuka developed a healthy appetite for fast bikes and ultraviolence. Preferably together.”

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