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Patti Waggin: She Strips, She Roars (NSFW)


She strips, she roars. Patti Waggin, born Patricia Hardwick, was a college student, avid motorcyclist, and burlesque dancer in the 1950s.

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Dorian Pitt by Lumiere Tintype


Dorian visited Lumiere Tintype in Texas for some old school portraits of with her Honda CB 360. They came out quite lovely!

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1949 Photography of Loomis Dean


Loomis Dean lived from 1917 to 2005 and captured everything from Circus Clowns to Hollywood stars in his five decade long photography career. He especially loved photographing motorcycles and women, especially real women who ride.

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Sabrina Nova Freedom Ridin’


Sabrina Nova breakin’ the law, taking a little freedom ride through the Tennessee countryside on her Harley Davidson 883.

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Kerryann with Curves

Kerryann De La Cruz looking gorgeous in her one piece race suit with her Honda CBR600rr sportbike. [ more tagged Safety is Sexy | more of Kerryann ]

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BA Moto Mini GP Ladies

A great wide angle photo of the starting line before the ladies only race at the BA Moto 2014 Mini GP last weekend in Long Beach.

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Late 50s Jawa CZ

Historic Photo time! Blonde bikini clad lady admires a late ’50s Jawa CZ motorcycle (built in Prague, Czechoslovakia). [ more historic photographs ]

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Stacie B London & Her R60US BMW

Stacie B. London with her 1969 R60US BMW motorcycle filming, “Way of Life” in Lancaster, CA.

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Amanda Huxtable photographed by Giles Clement years ago when he was doing a photographic project featuring vintage motorcycles and women.  In 2011 I posted another image from this shoot, which you can check out here. [ see more posts ft. Giles Clement | ]

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Arto Saari: Pro Skateboarder & Photographer

One of my favorite things to do is give background stories to images most of us have seen floating around the internet. This old school style black and white photograph is a good example of that.  After some sleuthing I found that this is Arto Saari’s capture of a motorcyclist friend Kynan Tait cruising on his Harley, stuff (and skateboard) packed on bike, snapping a photo right back at the lens. Arto was raised in Finland, now resides in the USA, and is a professional photographer and skateboarder. For some more shots… Continue Reading »

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