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Wheelie Wednesday w/ Chris Herrin


While in Portland last week, I met up with my best bud Chris, and snapped some standup wheelie photos against the epic sunset.

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A Very MotoLady Birfday Weekend!


My best buddy Chris randomly drove down to Portland, with his bike in the back of the van, to spend my birthday weekend with me. How awesome is that? Here’s a review of our adventures.

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While You Were Blogging…

My friend Justin Coffey from Peanut Butter Coast sent me this loving photo of my friend Chris Herrin today.

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Learning the Dirt at the Touratech ADV Moto Rally

touratechweb-2013-06-28 11.23.43 HDR-wm

When you get a random phone call from the Marketing Manager at Touratech inviting you to attend their 2013 Adventure Motorcycle Rally, you get sort of excited. Then it moves to a sort of horror when you realize you have to tell them you’ve only ridden on a dirt a small amount, and on bikes either unsuited for the terrain, or much smaller than touring and adventure motorcycles. Fortunately for me, one of the reasons they got in touch was because of my enthusiasm for adventure riding but my lack of experience… Continue Reading »

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Seven Days of Giveaways: Day 4

MotoLady Seven Days of Give-aways… put your hands in the air for day four! Gloves!

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Apiary Road Ride

Went out and hit Apiary on the GSXR600 again today. Chris rode his 848evo and Matt joined us on his GSXR1000. Riding with two OMRRA racers certainly keeps you on your toes…

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A Close Call & Lesson Learned

The story of my lovely adventure yesterday- amazing twisties, the river, crown point, followed by almost plowing into the back of a truck.

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Chris’ Crash Anniversary

Today is the nine year anniversary of my best friend Chris Herrin’s motorcycle accident. It was a doozy to say the least… We celebrated by riding around Sauvie Island and kicked back on the beach.

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Dirtbike Fun In The Mud

Joel gettin' it.

It was a rather lovely day- Chris, Joel, Wolf and I were hanging out when it dawned on us that there were dirtbikes for riding outside.

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Chris’ Speed Sleeve

My good friend Chris Herrin beginning his speed sleeve- getting tattooed by Matthew Mattison.

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