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The Blondezilla DualSporty Goes to Motos in Moab


Caroline and the Blondezilla DualSporty bike did a 1,400+ mile road trip to Motos in Moab with buddies Jen McClain and Drew from Bixby Moto! A successful maiden [long] voyage.

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Kim Krause Does Death Valley


Kim Krause is an adventure motorcyclist from Alabama- recently her wanderlust took her and friends to Death Valley.

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Hundreds of Motorcycling Women In Joshua Tree


So many awesome motorcycling women at Babes in Joshua Tree… so many photos! Such a good time.

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Babes In Joshua Tree (video)


Yay! Babes in Joshua Tree video is here! It even includes some footage of me on the Monster, thanks to Savannah!

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Delna On The Monster


Finally meeting Delna at Babes Ride Out was awesome- we even did a lil shoot with the Monster.

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The lovely Jeannette Mekdara riding a vintage Triumph motorcycle through rolling desert hills. Photograph by Peter Dawson. [ more photos of Jeannette | Triumphs ]

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Yuri Braapin’


Usually we see Yuri on her pink chopper named “Gloryhole”, but this time she’s having some Kawasaki KX dirtbike fun in the California desert. Braap!

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A woman and her Triumph overlooking the desert sunset- photograph by French artist Kreatica (website). [ more motorcycles and nature ]

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Famous and talented painter Georgia O’Keefe hitching a ride on her land, Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, NM with Maurice Grosser on his 1938 Harley Davidson Knucklehead. Photographed by Maria Cabot circa 1944. Fun fact- when I was in Primary School, fifth grade, we did a huge project for an event called, “Night of the Notables” wherein we would dress up as our chosen historical figure. We had to create a large display board of our work and talk about it as if we were the person we were portraying. My choice? Georgia… Continue Reading »

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Cherry Red Mayhem

Francesca Gem stars in ‘Cherry Red Mayhem’ on her Yamaha R6.

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