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Icon Motosports’ Drift 3: the Driftpocalypse video was released on the Monster energy youtube channel. So much horsepower! You should definitely go check it out.

It was a rather lovely day- Chris, Joel, Wolf and I were hanging out when it dawned on us that there were dirtbikes for riding outside. Next thing you know…

I did some riding too… but I wanted to get photos of their hooliganism. Get these two together and well- Chris and Joel had a lot of fun helping me get the photos I want. Joel launched his bike pretty close to me after a wicked slide. Luckily he is a great rider and I am light on my feet. 

It was a fun day.

Jorian Ponomareff does it again… this time ICE DRIFTING. Reminds me of Icon's Motorcycle VS Car drift battles, but a really chilly version. Without all the rad Icon-personality, of course. MAN I love the Swedes!

My friends over at Icon Motosports keep blowing my mind with their marketing and bad ass hooliganism. They killed it (yet again) with this f*cking epic moto vs car drift battle video. 

The first motorcycle vs car drift battle was pretty bad ass, but this… this just takes the cake.

When I did the Icon shoot (photos coming soon), I drove out into the Colombia Gorge and met up with Nick ‘Apex’ Brocha and Ernie Vigil who had just shot this video the few days before. Needless to say they were exhausted, but still so much fun. Great job guys!

Jorian Ponomareff, stunt rider, in an epic drift display of motorcycle control and cone domination. In this video, Jorian shows the power of confidence, knowing your bike, and a woman’s ass.

Show off. ;) 
Motorcycle VS Car ‘Drift Battle’

Show off. ;) 

Motorcycle VS Car ‘Drift Battle

Couldn’t help but love this shot.

Couldn’t help but love this shot.

Han lär dig att sladd på din motorcykel! How to drift on your motorcycle! :)

If you are able to drift properly, you simply look much cooler than your mates.