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Advertising on your blog. Get in touch. — Asked by Anonymous

Thanks for writing! Unfortunately since the platform I’m currently using kind of sucks for contact stuff, I don’t have any way to get in touch with you. 

Anyone who is interested in advertising or gear testing etc, feel free to email me at alicia (at)!

help help !!!so just brought a ducati monster 600 (2001) and im in the process of fixing her up , but ive just realised !!!! argh where do i put my paniers and tent when i go camping and rallys ????? any ideas ???? the soft luggage ive got drops on to the exhaust so is no good ,please dont say a top box as i really dont like them ! have you got any suggestions — Asked by Anonymous

Hahaha. I’m sorry, I can’t help but laugh at the panic in which you asked this. Take a breath. Ducati Monsters aren’t rally or camping bikes in my minds eye, but I’m sure there are options. Firstly, without information about where your exhaust sits (high, low mount) and such, I don’t really know what to tell you!

Look into getting hard case side mount saddle bags that have a bracket. This might be hard to find for older Monsters, but I’m sure you can peruse ebay and the Ducati Monster Forums for help.  Sign up, post an advice thread… people are usually pretty helpful and will have more experience with this than I will. 

My Monster has no tail, so I’ll be unable to mount any saddle bags. My tank is so fancy I won’t be mounting any top boxes either. So, everything I take anywhere with me will be trapped to my back. 

[post script] jack455 wrote me and said: “Tell your follower with the ducati monster panic to google search ducati monster luggage or panniers on images for an idea. I was looking at monsters and did some searching myself”

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Question: Protective Denim

Question from Rob Brooks-

Any recommendations on protective Denim for women? Wanting to get my girlfriend some, but no one seems to make any that would fit to a woman’s body. Kevlar doesn’t flex. Figured you would be the one to point me in the right direction.

This is a question I’ve been asked a few times, so I’m going to address it here. First, my disclaimer: For full protection you should ride in fully protective motorcycle pants with hip, knee and shin protection. Leather or abrasion resistant textile designed for protecting a rider from road rash, etc. 


That being said, many of us like to ride in more casual gear that will still offer us decent protection so that we can be comfortable and more safe than in jeggings and flip flops. The level of your safety gear is your choice alone, and while I offer options… I am not going to claim I wear a race suit every time I leave the house. I’ve listed some good looking protective motorcycle pant options below. 

What are some of your favorite blogs? — Asked by Anonymous

Hi anonymous! I actually follow more individuals than I do blogs these days. I mean, I have my rounds that I do… but when it comes to what I PERSONALLY follow, it’s more instagrams, personal facebook feeds, etc. That being said, check these out… 

I could probably keep going for another couple hours, but I’ll leave it at that. 

Hi MotoLady! I was wondering where you got your armor for your legs from (make and model would help greatly!)? I am so tired of wearing my riding pants, as it heavy and just not flattering..looking for another option that will allow me to wear regular pants and still feel safe. Thanks! love your blog! — Asked by Anonymous

Hi there, and thanks for the compliments on the blog! Very glad you enjoy it. 

As for the knee armor, I have two different types that I use and enjoy for different purposes and with different boot/pant combos for comfort. 


Icon Stryker Knee Guard ($105 on RevZilla)
Some of the perks of these is that they’re very sturdy, would fit bigger people well (I’m petite and they fit fine), and that they’re lined with Hydradry which wicks moisture. Air channels help with cooling, too.

Dainese Knee V Guard ($65 on RevZilla)
The Dainese shin and knee guards are a little longer than the Icon version, and they’ve come down in price since the style I have. Mine don’t have the same lower straps (they just tuck into boots) but otherwise are very similar. The perforation in the plastic is nice too.

I would definitely suggest picking some up! While it’s not as safe as wearing leather or textile riding pants (especially with the lack of hip/thigh/butt protection) it is a huge step up from riding in only denim. 

so im thinking of buying a use 2005 Buell Blast for my first bike, im 5'2 and 100 lbs thoughts? — Asked by kellyedge

Since I don’t personally know much about this bike, I can only go off what I read in the specs I found online (such as on


It’s a petite and light weight bike- 360 lbs dry (without fluids and gas) and has a low seat height of 27.5 inches… with an optional low profile seat that takes it down another two or so. These two things are going to make it a comfortable bike for someone with a shorter inseam, and also light enough that it won’t feel too cumbersome to you.

As for power, it seems pretty tame from what I can tell. At 34 HP, it’s probably a decent place for you to start. Since I’ve never ridden one I can’t really speak to the quarks of the bike for a new rider, but from other reviews online it seems that it’s a really fun and simple bike to ride. It gets really good gas mileage (or so they claim at 68 MPG) which is always a bonus. I also have no idea how these things act mechanically, if they’re a money pit for maintenance or what have you. 

But all the being said, a single cylinder 500cc (ish) light weight and petite motorcycle isn’t a terrible idea for you. But make sure you get formal training through your local motorcycle safety / training organization and for the love of god, buy proper motorcycle gear! Full face helmets are awesome, and so is having proper armor in pants and jackets. 

(Photo from

Hii I'm in need of your assistance!!! My name is Leah, and I am thinking about purchasing a ninja kawasaki for myself but i dont know if it'll be too big for me. its a 2004 and i am around 5'4 and weight around 120-125 lbs. would this be a smart buy for a petite girl like me? hope to hear from ya. thx!! — Asked by liazitro

Firstly, what is your prior motorcycling experience? What engine displacement / size are we talking… 250cc? A lot of it depends on your skill level and comfort level.

Hannah Johnson (~5’3”) rides a Hypermotard with an exceptionally high seat height (33.3”). She literally jumps onto the bike as it takes off. For her, size has little to do with it. You can make changes in the bike (seat, suspension, etc) to bring it down a little bit so you can put your feet more firmly on the ground. Ninja’s are pretty light weight across the board, so keeping it upright or even picking it back up if you drop it isn’t such a big deal.

If you’ve got some experience under your belt and can responsibly ride the bike and respect it while you learn more… I say go for it. But that’s just my opinion, and I might lack real-world experience in this realm that some others can shed some light on for us. I bought a big, heavy, cheap, poorly performing motorcycle to learn on.

I also just want to mention the CBR 250 from Honda. I really loved the look of that, they’re very petite motorcycles and also very light. But again, I bought the opposite of that. 

Readers, comments?

Hey, cool lady biker :) i too live to ride and spanner, i would love one of your t-shirts but live across the pond, will you ship ? how much ? May the wind behind you always be your own xx — Asked by Anonymous

Howdy there! Yes, I can ship overseas. Leave a comment on this post with your contact, or send me an email at so we can get it worked out!

Thanks for writing. :)  

What cans are you planning to put on your monster? — Asked by raldingrad

No specific brand of cans, custom undertail exhaust with beautiful GP welds to be done by Heath Knapp of Heathenwerks.

Only the best for the Monster Project. ;)

Any tips on how to mount a camera to your motorcycle to take pictures while riding? — Asked by Anonymous

If you don’t want to buy a GoPro (made for this purpose, incredibly useful in that they are durable and good quality) then I would suggest the Capture Camera Clip System. I have it, I kickstarted it back when it was just in fledgling form. It works great. They have an alternative base that allows clipping on to all sorts of things like handlebars, luggage racks, etc.

Capture Camera Clip System for sale on Amazon $79.99

Retro MotoCross Boot Options

For all you guys who have been sending me messages/leaving comments asking about where I got my boots. You know, the vintage motocross boots I am wearing in all those Thruxton photos by Giles Clement. I did some discovery and found some awesome options. 

vintage hondaline motocross motorcycle boots with buckles

First up are these vintage Hondaline motocross boots. The amazing part? They are nearly identical to the pair I have. Grey stripe up the back with red connector strap and all. But mine say Hondaline nowhere, perhaps a knock off? No idea. 

The thing with these is that from right now, there’s about 21 hours left on the ebay auction. So if you wear a size 9.5 mens US shoe, I’d hop on over and pick ‘em up. They’re only $61 USD right now. Hondaline Vintage MotoCross Boot Ebay Listing

Hey I would love to participate in your june contest but the Icon Hella Heartbreaker jacket doesn't really suit me. Have any alternatives for a male winner? — Asked by Anonymous

Nope. The Hella Heartbreaker jacket is what I’m giving away this contest. Sorry, homeskillet.

On that note… you can still participate. Send me a pic! :) Second and third place are still notable titles!

you're suggesting i4 sportsbikes for people new to motorcycles? regardless of sex that, IN MY OPINION is not the wisest move, why not suggest some parralel twins? v-twins? gsxr's, cbr-rr's, zxr's and yzf-r's aren't ment for new people. they are not positioned that way, they are not geared that way, their power curve is not friendly, nothing is friendly about them. why not suggest the sports bike learner models, most companies offer them. closest you got there was the monster. — Asked by thelostboysandgirls

Yes, I am suggesting them. Firstly, she said starter sportbike not starter motorcycle, so I didn’t want to asssume. But regardless, as someone who has ridden all of the bikes I mentioned, I actually have my own opinion on what is easier to ride. A Monster for instance has a very torquey in lower RPM’s and it can be really uncomfortable at slow speeds. They are kind of top heavy and don’t have the best turning radius, so they can be daunting for a new rider when parked. A CBR is extremely light, and for me the weight felt much lower to the ground, making it much more stable feeling. It was easy to move around, comfortable, and the gearing is really easy to go slow with. It’s also really easy to go fast, sure. But to give you an idea of my personal experience, the Honda CBR600RR I rode was more friendly than a Monster 750, a Monster 620, a Suzuki GSXR750, and a Ducati 999. In a lot of ways I feel like it was friendlier than my 1980 Yamaha XJ Maxim 650 because the brakes were awesome and it was much smoother to ride. Better suspension, brakes, everything that gives you a leg-up on safety.

Point being… just because she is a girl doesn’t mean she can’t control her throttle hand and keep her acceleration smooth, slow, and safe. People can grow into bikes in my opinion, I don’t believe that everyone just hops on a bike and cranks the throttle. Why not? Because I watch a lot of relatively new riders, or brand new riders, buy Ducatis at MotoCorsa where I work… and most of them have common sense and take it easy when they hop on a bike. That’s why I asked what she was looking for in a sport bike. I personally don’t really understand getting a Ninja 250 if you want to end up being able to keep up with your friends who may have bigger sport bikes. You’re going to want something bigger pretty quick. Now if it’s not the speed or the power, but the look of the sportbike… a Ninja 250 is a fabulous idea.

[Read the original post this is regarding] Also, if you guys have responses… please post them in the comments don’t send me a private message (I want everyone to see your thoughts too.)

So I was wondering what's a good starter sports bike for a 5'1" girl. I want to buy used, I was thinking about a ninja maybe? What's your advice? — Asked by ambitionmaykillme

Define starter for me? Are you looking for something light, or something small? Do you want it to be fast? A Ninja can be good, I know lots of people who love them. I thought the CBR 600 was awesome, though does have a lot of power you can grow into. It was also very light. A lot of ladies also like GSXR’s and they’re quite fun to ride. Pretty light too. Also, Monster 696’s are very popular with the ladies as new bikes and first sport bikes. Though they’re not quite sportbikes, but they’re in the same sort of category.

Hi, quick question, you maybe able to help me. I am searching for a Ducati SportsClassic front hub, or a hub that could allocate a double front SportsClassic rotors pair. Do you know were I could ask for this part? Thanks in advance. Great blog, btw. Keep it coming! — Asked by Anonymous

Since I don’t know the answer to this I would a) call a Ducati dealership (MotoCorsa- the one I work at is awesome…. 503.292.7488) or b) Have someone fabricate one for you.

Hope that helps… sorry I don’t know more. Oh and thanks for the compliment! :)

Okay POST SCRIPT: Hey douchebag who wrote me an anonymous msg- “Fabricate a hub? lol yeah right." I’m fuckin’ tired and I read it wrong so give me a break.