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David Beckham’s Triumph Scrambler


David Beckham, soccer/football Athlete, getting dirty with his Triumph Scrambler.

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He’s Good With His Hands


The joy of mechanical triumphs- you can see it in his smile. Wrenching can be incredibly rewarding… once you’re through the cursing phase.

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Jon Kortajarena On A Triton

See? Male models get draped over motorcycles too. Jon Kortajarena is a prominent Spanish model and actor who’s appeared in countless big brand campaigns including Versace, Diesel, and Armani… but I haven’t found any media showing that he actually rides. That being said, I figured some of y’all would enjoy some eye candy.

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Bros On Bikes

Well done, boys. Well done. An amazing parody photo of the Babes in Borrego shot of Jenny and Nina. All in good fun! I want to personally thank JP of the Selvedge Yard for posting this because it made my week. Original photo by Lanakila MacNaughton for the Women’s Moto Exhibit (website), parody photo by Scott G. Toepfer (website).

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David Beckham Doesn’t Like His Sandwhich

Classic good looks, one for the ladies… David Beckham hanging out with his motorcycle collection. Looking very unimpressed by his sandwhich.

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Ray Gordon Got a Harley

RayRay traded his Triumph in for a Harley!

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Made In Brazil

Babely Brazilian model makes a Royal Enfield Bullet look sexy.

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Mystery Motorcycle Man

One for the ladies (or dudes who like dudes or whatever’s politically correct).

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Hot Men on Motorcycles

Simon Nessman, model

Men, avert your eyes. Or grow up and see some shirtless dudes… one of the two. It’s time we oggled at some dudes draped on bikes rather than ladies.

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Hot Motorcycle Man “Wrenching”

Maybe he’s wrenching, maybe he’s pretending. Either way he’s pretty to look at.

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