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MotoChic: Convertable Backpack Purse


If you’re a motolady who uses her motorbike for more than joy rides, you’re going to need this convertable backpack purse from MotoChic.

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Maple Motorcycle Jeans


Maple Jeans makes classic styled Kevlar reinforced motorcycle jeans for men, but they’re pretty close to making them for women too!

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Icon 1000 Spring Launch Sneak Preview!


Some sneak previews from the ICON 1000 Spring Line photoshoot in Georgia with their freshly finished Katana build.

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Let’s Talk A Minute About Motorcycle Safety Gear


Let’s take a second to talk about motorcycle gear, the types, personal choice, and why you shouldn’t be a dick about your own level of safety.

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Meet the Icon 1000 Fairlady Jacket

Alicia modeling the Icon 1000 Fairlady jacket

Meet the Icon 1000 Fairlady jacket- an instant classic. High grade leather, D30 armor, and a great feminine cut.

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Wheelsport Rugged Rider Boots


An in depth look at a pair of Vintage MotoCross boots- Wheelsport “Rugged Rider” from Portland, OR. They were for sale, but sold to a lovely lady! Thanks guys. :)

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Miss Annette Carrion with her Kawasaki Ninja and new jacket, “My new Rev’It! Sand jacket is keeping me nice and warm in the cool S.F. climate.” Annette has a knack for finding good looking and protective women’s gear.  [ see more of Annette | her blog Keep Calm and Carrion ]

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Polina Dessinova- A study in the footwear choices of women who ride… by day, and by night. A perfect juxtaposition if you ask me, track boot and stiletto heel. [ more real women who ride | fashion stuff ]

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The Icon Airframe Statistic Helmet

Upon one of visits to Icon’s HQ in Portland, I saw a very cool Airframe Construct with impact statistics labeled on different areas of the helmet. Today, the Icon Airframe Statistic helmet is available to anyone who wants to express (without words) why they choose to wear a full face. Honestly, I’d just love to have one on display in the shop. It’s a good reminder. Almost 35% of hits are taken straight to the jaw.  Here’s the first version/proto Airframe Construct helmet from years back. Amazing to know the top of… Continue Reading »

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Sometimes you just have to enjoy a photo for what it is- a mood and moment in time captured for as long as the data lasts on paper, on your harddrive… get over your judgements. Her smile, that motorcycle smile, it shows the joy we all know so well. It’s that moment, that feeling, that happiness… freedom.  It’s not news to anyone that I’m a bit of a gear freak- I wear shoulder, elbow, knee, ankle, and shin armor every time I ride. I’m a fan of full face helmets. But I… Continue Reading »

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