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Dressed to the Nines


Did a fun little shoot today for a photo project for an Australian friend today. I’ll let what it’s for and whatnot be a surprise, but I wanted to share something not often witnessed… me dressed to the nines. 

Hey MotoLady! I want to buy a couple of your shirts for a lady I know who's getting into riding, but I can't find a link to buy them on your site :( HELP!! — Asked by Anonymous

Sorry for everyone that’s encountering this issue and point of confusion right now- I’ve pulled a lot of random stuff off my site and other sites (like the redbubble shop) while I’m finishing the details and prepping for the new site launch. The new MotoLady digs will be complete with a fully functioning ecommerce store where you will be able to buy all the ML apparel, trinkets, parts and more that your heart desires. 

So until then, email me if you want to buy any of the tshirts, hoodies, bandanas, or tank tops. alicia (at) <- (I do this because spammybots are evil.)


Visitor from Germany: MXRTW

Last week I got an email from a fellow named Max who’s traveling the world on his motorbike. He told me he was cruising down the California Coast and asked to visit the shop and I this week. I adore meeting other motorcyclists, people on long adventures, and readers… so of course I agreed! Yesterday he rolled up to the compound gate on his Honda Africa Twin and greeted me with a huge wave. The first thing he said, “I love riding in this country! It is so beautiful, all the people are so nice, and gasoline is so cheap!” 

We traded stories from the road, he told me about where his travels have taken him so far, and where he’s headed. The guy has been on an amazing adventure indeed- he began his journey at the end of August 2013, traveling through over 20 countries, and ending in the USA for a six more months on the road. 

Meeting Sofi & Riding Her CB550 Cafe Racer

A couple photos were posted yesterday featuring Sofi Tsingos and I, and her beautiful blue Honda CB550 cafe racer, out in Palm Springs. She was doing a super secret cool video shoot with Misfit Industries and invited me to come hang out. Miss Tsingos only three hours away? Couldn’t miss it. 


She even let me take her amazing blue CB550 cafe racer for a spin!

I got to meet Sofi Tsingos of GT Moto today, she even let me ride her bitchin’ cafe racer!

She is every bit as awesome in person as she seems on the interwebs.

Made some progress on the Dual Sporty project. If you follow my Instagram and Facebook you know some of the smaller behind the scenes details that got us here.

New 18” rear wheel with TKC80 on/off road tire… front wheel will be removed soon for tire swap to match.

Coming soon: belt-to-chain conversion, rear frame hoop, fender chop.

Currently featuring: Burly Brand stiletto rear shocks, Burly Brand cafe seat, Burly Brand scrambler bars, Boyle Custom Moto ‘spot’ air cleaner, Chainsikle low sets

Going through photos and video from Born Free 6 this weekend at the Oak Canyon Park in Silverado, California&#8230; right next to Irvine Lake.
GoPro selfie action!

Going through photos and video from Born Free 6 this weekend at the Oak Canyon Park in Silverado, California… right next to Irvine Lake.

GoPro selfie action!

Oh don&#8217;t mind me, just climbing around on my Monster to get the right perspective for some photos.
When I&#8217;m not riding, writing, and designing&#8230; I&#8217;m taking photos of cool stuff. Yeah, that includes my own bike.

Oh don’t mind me, just climbing around on my Monster to get the right perspective for some photos.

When I’m not riding, writing, and designing… I’m taking photos of cool stuff. Yeah, that includes my own bike.

Here are some shots I got with my phone from the Hell on Wheels MC Vintage MX rally yesterday in Riverside, CA at Milestone MX Park. MotoGeo, Deus, Bixby Moto, ESMB, and BA Moto all had representatives there racing.

It was an amazing time, so many cool people, old bikes (and new), good music, BBQ, beer, the list goes on. Keep your eyes peeled for the bigger post on the event, as I’ll be dumping all the photos off my “real” camera here soon. 

Cherry on top- blasting down the freeway on the way back to Ventura, we spotted the mid-60s Ranchero that had been at the event. 

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Pretty excited about my feature in Tank Moto magazine (website) from Australia.  It’s amazing quality makes the 143 full bleed pages of beautiful motorcycle photographs that much better.

The nine page spread includes photographs from my trip to the Bonneville Salt Flats, the Touratech ADV Moto Rally, Ride the Edge Ontario Adventure, working on the Dual Sporty project, and some shots of Pandora. I’m absolutely flattered and honored to be included in such a beautiful magazine, thanks guys!

Order yours at!

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Burly Brand Slammer Kit Install Video!

Thanks to Burly Brand for inviting me to help them out with their Slammer Kit install video at their headquarters in Los Angeles! The Slammer Kit lowers your Harley (Sportster, Dyna, and more…) up to two inches, and yeah, it’s super easy to install. 

Even if you don’t have a Harley, or don’t want to lower it… it’ll still be fun for you to watch me be an uberdork on camera. 

Friday’s trip to Progressive Suspension’s HQ was a delight. Their operation is so clean.. and quite large.

My favorite part was finally getting to see the Sprinter Van wrap that I designed! It’s not often is web and graphic designers get to see our work in life! RIDE MORE backwards across the front for rear view mirror action.

They also had an awesome print from Lanakila MacNaughton’s Women’s Moto Exhibit (website) in the marketing department! I also couldn’t help making vroom vroom noises while sitting on the tiny little 1974 2stroke Yamaha GT80 in their conference room.

Thanks for the tour, guys!

Managed to go riding with Steve West from Silver Piston while he was in town from Atlanta today- from Ventura to Santa Paula via the 150. 

It was a fun collection of bikes- two Ducati Monsters, a Norton with a Vincent engine, and a Honda CB750. We stopped for some photos in front of Lake Casitas, and had lunch at an Italian joint on Hwy 150. Totally forgot the name of it, though. 

Took Pandora out to Neptunes today with friends in their lovely classic cars. On my way back through town, jeweler Steve West of Silver Piston, flagged Wolf and I down outside the 1927 Barbershop! He’s in town this weekend visiting from Atlanta, Georgia. What a coincidence!

A good day indeed.

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MotoLady Monster by the Mighty Motor for BikeEXIF

Humbled and grateful to have my Monster Project named ‘Pandora’s Box’ published on the world renowned BikeEXIF website with photos by Shaik Ridzwan of the Mighty Motor. 

Here are a few from the shoot in Downtown Los Angeles you haven’t seen yet.