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Thor’s 60k Jump

…for science! Or… for the love of moto! Or simply because it’s fun to do things that aren’t maybe the best idea. Either way, Thor raised $50,000 to bring some amazing books to print… two years of the One Motorcycle Show. To entice investors, he said he’d jump over them for another 10k. He got it. Today, he jumped ‘em. 


It was a rather lovely day- Chris, Joel, Wolf and I were hanging out when it dawned on us that there were dirtbikes for riding outside. Next thing you know…

I did some riding too… but I wanted to get photos of their hooliganism. Get these two together and well- Chris and Joel had a lot of fun helping me get the photos I want. Joel launched his bike pretty close to me after a wicked slide. Luckily he is a great rider and I am light on my feet. 

It was a fun day.