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20 y/o Pakistani Lady Rider Smashes Expectations Touring the Kashmir Belt


Zenith Irfan, a 20 year old Pakistani lady rider, recently smashed societal expectations heading out on a week long solo road trip in a very challenging area called the Kashmir Belt.

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Women Motorcyclists in Dubai


Inspirational women riders in Dubai take to the roads on their motorcycles, making their life long dreams come true.

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Another good deed done by someone on two wheels- scooter rider out with his buddies sees a blind man walking down the side of the road and stops to help him out. You can tell the elderly gentleman appreciated the young motorists politeness, respect and assistance with his very simple, “Thank you.” This video made my eyes well up with tears in the best way- these past few days have made me feel very humble and thankful. This video just reinforces the fact that there is good in the world. [ more… Continue Reading »

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The Rust Bucket BSA Project Inspiration

While I’m finishing the Monster, I’ve had a lot of things rattling around in my brain for this Rust Bucket / BSA Project of mine. Firstly, I found out it’s a 1958 BSA A7 or A10. The difference being the exact model and either 500 or 650cc (thanks to everyone who corrected my typo). I’m stoked to know it’s about 7 years older than I thought and pre-1960s! So cool.  Hand stamped VIN number close up- this is one thing I love very much about this bike. It might have been bondo-ed… Continue Reading »

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Darius Glover: Paralyzed MotoCross Racer

We’ve all been told or experienced ourselves just how dangeous it is to ride a motorcycle. If you were in a major accident, would you ride again? What if you couldn’t use your legs? At 15 years old, Darius Glover heard the doctors tell him, “you’ll never walk again and you’ll never ride again.” Regardless of losing the use of his legs from a motorcycle accident, he rides motocross again. He looked at that doctor and said, “you’re wrong.” If that doc doubted him, wow how wrong he was.  Darius went on… Continue Reading »

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I met this very notable motolady at the One Motorcycle Show this weekend. Kathryn Watne is an avid motorcyclist and cancer survivor from Hood River with an infectious smile.  I don’t know about you, but this beautiful woman inspires the hell out of me!

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Alan Kempster: More Than Whole


In 1990 Alan Kempster lost his right arm and leg to a drunk driver. That couldn’t stop him from his passion and love for motorcycles.

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“Motorcycles Saved My Life”


The most amazing message I have ever received… wow. I got goosebumps.

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“Bikes Saved My Life”


Bikes Saved my Life by Kym Liebig. His story of trial, tribulation, and triumph when a blood vessel explodes in his brain. He attributes his recovery to motorcycles.

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A)Having to have a Tumblr acct to assign a name to any of my messages makes me feel like a creeper as I dont have one and therefor am forced to be resigned to “anonymous.” But, alas, I’ll live. B)I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Pintrest. It seems like the sort of site you would enjoy based on the formatting of your blog. In either case, I find a heap of my “Life’s a Ride” section of my acct comes from your site & I’d like to thank you for your inspiration. Please, keep it up.

Firstly… thanks for writing! A) Tumblr ask form doesn’t allow you to include links, but you can always use the submit page… then you can your email or whathaveyou. Or you could leave a comment on any of the pages with a plethora of logins (disqus, facebook, etc). Or you can email me… just delete the spaces out of this address and bam -> alicia @ themotolady.comB) I am aware of pinterest, though I have not used it very much. Mostly because I’ve already got about 800 other sites I use and… Continue Reading »

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