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QUALITY CONTROL: Helmet Show + MotoLady 4 Yr Anniversary Party


Something a little different this year- QUALITY CONTROL helmet show and motolady four year anniversary party! An amazing raffle, live music, food, booze, the works! Check it out.

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Visiting 515 Moto in Baltimore


I got to visit 515 Moto in Baltimore, MD- a very special shop. It’s the home of Lowside Garage, where you can work on your own bike and projects, as well as Monstercraftsman, a custom motorcycle parts website and so much more.

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Tesla & the Maryland Meetup

It’s every journalists (or wannabe journalist, if you rather) dream to get to travel and photograph their favorite things… in this case the lovely Sasha of CafeRacerXXX sent me on a mission to photograph Tesla, a Triumph build by my friend Jeff Yarrington of Saint Motor Company in Maryland. With a little help of Kevin Dunworth of Loaded Gun Customs, Sasha organized a great event. CafeRacerXXX organized a MotoLady meetup, a video was planned, and days were set aside for a photoshoot of the bike. Definitely go take a look at the… Continue Reading »

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Sasha Valentine (of Cafe Racer XXX), Jeff Yarrington (Saint Motor Company) and myself today at the MotoLady Maryland Meetup.  Sasha is a mover and a shaker to say the least- she made all this happen. A packed house today and tons of motorcycles, a fun time was had by all. Thank you Cafe Racer XXX!

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East Coast Invasion Commencing

In less than a week I’ll be traveling to Maryland for a very exciting project with Cafe Racer XXX and Saint Motor Company. You may recall Saint being mentioned both in the Monster Project (Phase 9: 748 Front End on 750 Monster, Phase 8: Fixing the Tank) and the very popular green cafe racer Ural.  Jeff Yarrington (the man behind Saint Motor Co.) is currently finishing a very cool custom motorcycle named after Nikola Tesla. Past that information… you will have to wait and see what we come up with. 

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Monster Project Tank Pinstriping


Monster Project preview time… Pinstriping on the tank stripe by Jeff Wolf! Original/base paint job by Jeff Yarrington of the Saint Motor Company.

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Monster Project Tank Detail


Detail shots of my seriously awesome Monster tank with custom paint by Jeff Yarrington.

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The Monster Tank Has Arrived!


IT IS IN MY HANDS. THE TANK IS IN MY HANDS. Sparkly chameleon classic gold leafy Monster paint job in full effect! Better detailed photos later. 🙂

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Monster Project: Phase 9

Ladies and Gents, thar she blows. My 1998 Ducati Monster 750 Dark with a Superbike 748 front end on it. The process getting to this point was long, drawn out and annoying. But having adjustable, strong, awesome front shocks is so very worth it. Details behind the link!

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The Monster Project: Phase 8

Last I posted, I was flimflamming about what kind of logo to put on the tank of the bike. The paint scheme was already all planned (thank you all for the suggestions, though) and I just needed to top it off with the right version of the Ducati logo for the mood of the bike.

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