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Clutch Kid: Moto Fashions For Your Wee One


Motorcycle enthusiast and model Sabrina Nova has created a cute and cool new boutique children’s vest line called Clutch Kid! “Uniquely hand made cool for your little son of a gun.”

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Kayla Bentley: 13 y/o Mad For Motorcycles


After winning a scholarship for the Fast Girlz Dirt Camp, Kayla saved her money and bought herself a DRZ 125. Now she usually rides twice a day.

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Video: 6 Year Old Kid Rides A Harley


April of this year in Midland, Texas, Jacob Hughes took his son out for a motorcycle ride. On a nice long clear stretch of straight, flat road, he motions for his son Ryan to grab the bars.

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Emi Van Cleave: 9 y/o MiniMoto Champion


This impressive little lady is Emi Van Cleave, a 9 year old motorcycle racer, and MiniMoto USA’s Overall Junior Champ for the past two years!

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Family MotoCross Time

My buddy Dave Zemla’s three kids, “Bunch of years ago, Hodge Road off the 15. It’s good to be a dad.”

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MiniMoto Rossigirl


Minimoto racing… a little girl sporting a Rossi ‘46’ AGV helmet, full leathers, getting her knee down! How amazing is that?

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Cute Baby Goes Vroom Video


Maybe you like babies, maybe you don’t. But this little lad, Cisco from Portugal, clearly knows what he wants to do when he grows up… maybe he was born with it, maybe it’s good genes. Start ’em young!

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Kiddo Burnout

Start ‘em young Saturday… burnout time!

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Tribulations of Being a Motorcycle Owner with Children


Thanks to the Why We Ride website, my day started off watching this unbelievably chill dad exploring his kids’ motorcycle paint job.

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My Niece Working On Her Bike

My brother Tim sent me this photo of my little niece Brooklyn “working on her bike like her Auntie”. She pulled it into her Dora tent and started using her Handy Manny hammer and screwdriver to “fix it”. Smart kid, I feel so proud it’s not even funny.

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