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Hitting the Motorcycle Crash One Year Mark

Alicia Elfving of MotoLady - custom Ducati Monster

Reviewing one year of mental affects from crashing hard on my custom built motorcycle at nearly 60 miles per hour. Are motorcycles a death wish, or a tool for empowerment?

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Taking The Long Road Home


A gripping tale of Liz Uhlmann’s long term but divided love affair with motorcycles, spanning over 20 years. It’s all about feeling at home, right?

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Jessica & Her Bike “The Beaver”


Despite lots of health issues, Jessica’s connection with her father and his love for motorcycles lives on through her passion for riding. This is her amazing story, and her bike named “The Beaver”. Photos from the Women’s Moto Exhibit.

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Ladies Leading the Pack

Riders enjoying a Sunday afternoon jaunt in Griffith Park, 1949.

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1950s German Motorcyclist


German motorcyclist with his BMW (probably an R67/2 or R51/3) in full leathers, sporting a very fascinating face shield.

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Dirt N Dip MiniBike Flyin’

Never trade the thrills of living for the security of existence.” Motorcycle wisdom for your monday evening,

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Motorcycle Wisdom: Take the Dirt Road

Some motorcycle wisdom, “Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.”

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To Protect and Swerve? Police Officers & Motorcycle Accidents

Protecting yourself isn’t just about a helmet, gear with proper armor, or real rider training… I witness us two wheeled travelers arguing about helmet laws, lane splitting, and so many other  I saw a video on youtube yesterday that really made me sick to my stomach- it was footage from a rider’s helmet cam that showed him slowing in traffic to allow a car to merge followed by him being rear ended by a police officer. The shocking part? The officer then ripped him a new one, yelling about how he was… Continue Reading »

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Dear World: There’s a Human Under the Helmet!

A letter to those automobile drivers with incredible road rage who neglect to consider the lives at stake.

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Check out the trailer for 100min long movie ‘Girl Meets Bike’ coming soon! A high school shop teacher buys her first motorcycle with her wedding dress money, leading her away from her controlling fiancé into a new circle of motorcycle friends who are attracted but threatened by her new found freedom. As she learns to ride, she must interpret their offers of riding advice: are they subtle forms of control? Or crucial knowledge, without which she might get herself killed? The quote “Now you’re on your own just like you wanted. No… Continue Reading »

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