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Cassandra Wages at Chopperfest 2014

Cassandra Wages

On the way out of Chopperfest… we spotted Cassandra Wages with her custom Sportster!

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“Princess” Bosozoku Biker Girl


Japanese motorcycle riders often have some of the most elaborate (and extravagant) motorcycles- this bosozoku biker girl is no exception.

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Yuri at Born Free 6

Yuriko riding her pink and purple Shovelhead chopper out of Born Free 6.

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Motorcycle Photographer Climbing

More Alicia Behind the Camera

Oh don’t mind me, just climbing around on my Monster to get the right perspective for some photos.

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Dirt Quake USA took place in Castle Rock, WA this weekend- a small town about an hour away from Portland. Photos are popping up all over instagram and this is already by far one of my favorites… Davin (aka MotoGuru) from Icon Motosports at the starting line on his Brammo with knobbies named ‘Sprinkles’. The tassles are the cherry on top for sure. 

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Yuri’s Pink Chopper


Yuriko rides a sparkly pink and purple 1976 Shovelhead chopper… she’s a petite little lady… probably 5’ even. She’s perfected kicking it over with the whole weight of her body. Size isn’t everything.

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Gloryhole Chopper

Yuriko Takeda

Yuri in Malibu on her pink and purple chopper named “Gloryhole”.

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Women Biker Gangs of Japan: Bosozoku Girls


Bosozoku means ‘violent run tribe’, the Japanese gangs of the 1980’s earned this named by the Police they were constantly fleeing from. Learn more about the Bosozuku biker girls of Japan in this short video.

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Myco Tsutsui from EvoSpo with her pink and purple 1980 Harley Shovelhead. Myco is Itsuki’s wife, founder of the Suck My Shovel EvoSpo blog. Can’t help but love their interesting bikes, some are pretty wild. She’s got a purple jewel style suicide shifter that sits behind her leg… nuts! [ more motorcycle smiles | more tagged Japan ]

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Yuri’s Hog Killers Chopper

By popular demand- more pictures of Yuri and her amazing custom 1974 Shovelhead Hog Killers chopper called “Gloryhole”.

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