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Joanna’s CX500 by Moonshine Motors


Polish motorcycling woman got her first bike, a Honda CX500, customized by Moonshine Motors to reflect her style and personality.

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One Woman, A 125cc Motorcycle, A 10k Mile Road Trip


Would you do a 12,000 mile road trip on a 125 cc Suzuki Van Van? This fearless traveller from Poland, Weronika, is in the process of making her dream of riding around Europe come true.

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Kinga’s Motorcycle Adventure in Australia (video)


Polish motolady Kinga shares more about her solo motorcycle adventure around Australia, plus two awesome videos.

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Road Trip Loving Izabela


Iza is a Polish motorcycling woman with a love for the road!

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Polish MotoLady Agata Ozog


Periodically, Agata sends me fun photos of herself and her bikes.

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Riding Across America Journey Complete!

Polish motolady Weronika Kwapisz finished her journey across America on a Triumph Bonneville just a few days ago!

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Agata’s Cruiser


Agata Ożóg, Polish motolady, sent me these new photos of her on her cruiser… she always has such a beaming smile.

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Agata On The CBR600

Agata Ożóg, Polish motolady, on a Honda CBR. ”I also love motorcycles, this is my whole world!!”

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Motorcycle Moments

Resting in the sunshine in the middle of a ride, one can feel a sense of wholeness that feels almost too easy to achieve….

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Polish Traveler Weronika

Weronika Kwapisz is a Polish motolady from Warsaw who loves to travel via motorcycle! She’s currently in America heading to the ‘Wild West’ on her Bonneville.

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