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Motorcycle Engagement Photos with Jessica & Travis


Recently, my buddies Travis & Jessica eloped to Ireland and got hitched. Before hand, they took some adorable motorcycle engagement photos.

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Motorcycle Romance on the World’s Longest Beach


After recently getting engaged, Wes and Liz did a photoshoot with the guys at British Customs on the Worlds Longest Beach. Capturing the bond their mutual love for motorcycles has helped build. True motorcycle romance.

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Motorcycle Romance with Wes & Liz

Behind the scenes photo by Jun Song of Nostalgia Memoir

Behind the scenes photos from Wes and Liz’ engagement photoshoot on Triumph motorcycles decked out by British Customs!

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An Adventure Motorcycling Love Story

Just another water break in Naimbia.

Danielle is an Australian motolady who met the man of her dreams while on a two year solo motorcycle road trip. Now that’s a love story!

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Biker Wedding & Mötormoon


Greg and Katie Sue had a wedding that would be the envy of any motorhead lookin’ to get hitched. They got married in Mammoth Falls and followed it up with a moto road trip honeymoon… henceforth dubbed ‘the Mötormoon’.

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Motorcycle Wedding Getaway


A motorcycle wedding with the right getaway vehicles- the bride enjoying her dirtbike (as she should!) and groom following on his Suzuki sportbike.

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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gestures for Motorcyclists


Are you one of those lucky folks who rides motorcycles and also dates someone who shares the same passion? Did you neglect to shop for Valentine’s Day? Or perhaps you’re stretched a little thin right now and need a cost-free gesture? Here’s a variety of options depending on your last minute V-Day needs.

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A Bike, Boomstick, And A Babe

Becca Strelitz’s new years picture with her 1971 CB350 rules- “All the things I love in one picture.”

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Women Who Ride Are Happier & More Fulfilled- DUH


A private study funded by Harley Davidson concluded that women who ride are happier and more fulfilled… reeeeeally? Of course we are!

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Motorcycle Romance

Who says you can’t surprise your wife with flowers on two wheels? Terry Borden of the Adventure Trio shows us how moto romance works.

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