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Monster Project: Transforming the Tail


Every Throwback Thursday we’ll be bringing you a new section of the MotoLady Monster Project. Reviewing each piece of the process! This week, the transformation of the tail.

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Monster Project: Phase 15

We’re going back in Monster Project time for a moment to the process of actually removing my cush drive rubbers. If you recall my last post on this topic… my attempts were unfruitful. I called my friend Shelby and asked if we could get my cush drive rubbers out of the rear wheel. He told me we could go over to his grandpas and figure it out one way or the other.  First they tried the slide hammer (which I had tried once as well).  Then decided to get a better angle on it… Continue Reading »

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The greybeards know best. When all else fails, and you try every way you know… see the wise old mechanics. (Photo by yours truly.) My Monster cush drives were a total pain… wouldn’t come out to save my life. Visited my friend Shelby Shaffer and his Grandpa… they were out within 40 minutes. Full story later… I have to go enjoy the last of this dry weather in Portland.  [ see more from the Monster Project ]

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