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Jen’s Crazy Helmet


When I met Jennifer a few days ago, she pulled out her crazy custom helmet… completely covered with rhinestones and spikes.

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Yuri at Born Free 6

Yuriko riding her pink and purple Shovelhead chopper out of Born Free 6.

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Yuri and her ‘76 Shovel chopper- it’s pink, sparkly, and even has a heart shaped tail light (more pics).  Photograph by Lanakila MacNaughton of the Women’s Moto Exhibit (website).  [ more pink motorcycle stuff | choppers | ladies kickstarting ]

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Monster In The Garage

The little scissor marks and arrows are where the frame is chopped and the seat is getting chopped to match.

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Monster Project Tank Detail


Detail shots of my seriously awesome Monster tank with custom paint by Jeff Yarrington.

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