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Why Liter Bikes Are Awesome and Also Terrible


Liter bikes (motorcycles with engines about 1000cc) are both wonderful and terrifying, beautiful and horrible. Here’s why.

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Ducati Warrior by Elizabeth Raab


An awesome photoshoot with Jamie Harty of Ducati Minneapolis by Elizabeth Raab.

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Submission Saturday: Laurie Marceau


Laurie is a French Canadian who chose a CBR1000rr for her first bike!

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Kerryann with Curves

Kerryann De La Cruz looking gorgeous in her one piece race suit with her Honda CBR600rr sportbike. [ more tagged Safety is Sexy | more of Kerryann ]

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Gas Mask Bandana Seat Cover

An alternate use for a MotoLady Gasmask Bandana, as illustrated by Kayla Connell covering the seat on her 2013 Triumph Daytona 675 named Abby. Awesome!

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Another Good Deed

Rob Escalante lives in Los Angeles and rides on a daily basis. If you’ve ever ridden in LA, you know how insane the drivers and traffic can be. It can be scary dangerous for a motorcyclist, bicyclist, pedestrian, and even other cars. Today he took a moment out of his day to help an elderly woman. The story made me feel all warm and fuzzy, so I had to share.

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Born Free 6: The Ugly Ducling

Wandering the parking lot of Born Free 6 a couple weekends ago, I got excited every time I saw a cafe racer, tracker, vintage UJM, and especially Ducati. In a sea of Harley Davidson and unique choppers, they stand out like a sore thumb. Just like this custom Ducati 750SS did, which I dubbed “The Ugly Ducling”. The good looking open clutch cover, clean body, tidy undertail exhaust and bare tank kept me looking. What… what is going on here?  The seat cover looked completely unfinished, like bare foam. The tank had… Continue Reading »

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Leslie Porterfield’s Honda Burnout

Leslie, Guinness World Records Holder, doing a burnout.

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80’s GSXR Motorcycle Girl

Mike Werner’s awesome old 80’s GSXR motolady sketch, “Do you even fox burnout bro?”

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Triple Jump for Motorcycles

Triple jump for the love of motorcycles- featuring (left to right) Susan DeMoss, Kerryann De La Cruz, and Lyn Rosas and their rides in the background.

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