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I met this very notable motolady at the One Motorcycle Show this weekend. Kathryn Watne is an avid motorcyclist and cancer survivor from Hood River with an infectious smile. 

I don’t know about you, but this beautiful woman inspires the hell out of me!

Seven years ago today Brittany Morrow was torn off the back of a sportbike in a gust of wind… hitting the ground at a high speed wearing an oversized helmet, sneakers, sweater and capri jeans over her bikini. She slid and tumbled 552 feet down the highway, wishing she had lost consciousness and thinking she would not live to see another day. 

Two months in the hospital and skin grafts on over 50 percent of her body, Brittany went through some serious pain on the road to recovery. She now uses her experience to educate motorcyclists (new and old) of proper gear, running Rock the Gear Inc… and yes, she still rides!

Read Brittany’s whole tesimonial here. 
Visit the Rock the Gear website.

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