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Stories of Bike: Sister (video)


Best friends Maria and Nina, of the Throttle Dolls, take a little road trip out of Sydney for camping and bonding on the beach. Cam Elkins covers their adventure in “Sister” from Stories of Bike.

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Babes In Joshua Tree (video)


Yay! Babes in Joshua Tree video is here! It even includes some footage of me on the Monster, thanks to Savannah!

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Woman Motorcyclist Hates Litterbugs (video)


This Russian woman motorcyclists hates litterbugs so much, she’s taking matters into her own hands and giving the drivers a taste of their own medicine.

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Born Free 6 Chopper Mania (video)


The MotoLady Born Free 6 video! Plus more photos.

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Video: 6 Year Old Kid Rides A Harley


April of this year in Midland, Texas, Jacob Hughes took his son out for a motorcycle ride. On a nice long clear stretch of straight, flat road, he motions for his son Ryan to grab the bars.

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Video: Why I Ride with Leslie Padoll


Leslie Padoll is a motorcycling woman living in Brooklyn, New York. Check out her Why I Ride profile and video.

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Video: Aftershock (Sydney)


Aftershock is all about backyard racing on inappropriate bikes- inspired by Dirt Quake and the Australian Flat Track scene, this video shows the muddy story of their racing glory.

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L’équipée: Parisian MotoLadies


“L’équipée, des filles de Paris”, which somewhat literally translates to “The Journey, Girls From Paris”, is a short video highlighting the feminine wiles of motorcycling women living in France who are about to go on a Himalayan motorcycle adventure on Royal Enfields.

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Vehicles of Mad Max: Fury Road


Mad Max is back in Fury Road 2015. The custom motorcycles and cars designed for this film are absolutely nuts.

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Swedish Marines ‘Greased Lightning’ Parody Video


This may be one of the best parody videos I’ve ever seen (and it’s not just because I’m part Swedish). The flare, the sassy hip popping, the military uniforms with synchronized snapping! Oh my! And yes, there’s a motorcycle in it.

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