Tammy Sumners for Dice Magazine


Tammy Sumners was photographed in April of 2012 by Ken Driscoll for Dice Magazine.

Tammy is a motorcycling woman living in Baltimore, Maryland.

I’ve seen the photos before on tumblr, instagram, and even in google searches for “motorcycle girls” but I never knew where they came from. The internet can be annoying that way. While scrolling through my instagram feed, I spotted the photo Tammy posted above and asked if she could send me the photos… shortly after she sent me a small collection of shots photographed by Ken Driscoll.





You can follow Tammy on instagram @bamatama.

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  • Alison Machin

    Sorry….just beautiful! I think I might have just seen perfection. Sweet as! Thanks for sharing. Cheered me up that did ♥