Submission from the lovely Elizabeth Bacon-

Here’s me on one of my very first rides on my vintage ‘77 Yamaha XS400. I took the rider training course, and first rode a moto under my own power in summer ‘12. Bike is bone stock in this shot. I laid it down after about four weeks of riding, though. (Totally rider error…a decreasing radius left-hander, and I thought I was entering the turn too hot, but instead of looking ahead and leaning in and making it, I sat up, braked, and looked straight so naturally I rode right off the road. Fortunately relatively low-speed, I just jammed a finger and bruised my thigh.) Now my bike has new handlebars, headlamp & turn signals. I’d like to make the seat less tall, but am not committed to going full-on brat style — mostly because I have no budget right now. Very happy to be a motolady too! Waiting eagerly for any sunny days this winter…. Keep up the beautiful stuff!

Thanks for the awesome note, Elizabeth! Glad to hear you hopped back on the horse, it really sounds like you’re born to ride like so many of us motorcyclists feel!

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