help help !!!so just brought a ducati monster 600 (2001) and im in the process of fixing her up , but ive just realised !!!! argh where do i put my paniers and tent when i go camping and rallys ????? any ideas ???? the soft luggage ive got drops on to the exhaust so is no good ,please dont say a top box as i really dont like them ! have you got any suggestions

Hahaha. I’m sorry, I can’t help but laugh at the panic in which you asked this. Take a breath. Ducati Monsters aren’t rally or camping bikes in my minds eye, but I’m sure there are options. Firstly, without information about where your exhaust sits (high, low mount) and such, I don’t really know what to tell you!

Look into getting hard case side mount saddle bags that have a bracket. This might be hard to find for older Monsters, but I’m sure you can peruse ebay and the Ducati Monster Forums for help.  Sign up, post an advice thread… people are usually pretty helpful and will have more experience with this than I will. 

My Monster has no tail, so I’ll be unable to mount any saddle bags. My tank is so fancy I won’t be mounting any top boxes either. So, everything I take anywhere with me will be trapped to my back. 

[post script] jack455 wrote me and said: “Tell your follower with the ducati monster panic to google search ducati monster luggage or panniers on images for an idea. I was looking at monsters and did some searching myself”

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