Visiting 515 Moto in Baltimore


Recently I flew over to the East Coast for some family stuff- my buddy Jeff Yarrington picked Wolf and I up from the airport in Baltimore and took us to 515 Moto to see the new digs.

515 Moto is a very unique shop- it’s also the headquarters for Lowside Magazine, the Lowside Garage, and Monstercraftsman.

While the 515 Moto shop had it’s official grand opening just a couple weeks ago, it’s been in operation as the Lowside Garage and work space for Jon from Monstercraftsman for a while now. The Lowside Garage is a communal work space where you can store your bike, work on your bike, or build it from the ground up. Monstercraftsman is a custom motorcycle hub, providing hand made chain tensioners, weld on hard tails, brat kits and more. Within the two buildings of 515 Moto, you can roll in a project bike to Lowside Garage in back, go buy parts in front, have your stuff painted in back, and go put it all back together. Giving experienced riders and newbies alike an opportunity to get their hands dirty and make their bike exactly what they want.


Just inside 515 Moto’s front door, the gallery room

The space is literally huge- the front room is like the tip of the iceberg. They have a full paint booth, a CNC machine, multiple lifts, heavy duty drill presses, the list goes on. The member garage is a completely separate building, secured by a full fence with back gate for member access.


Founder of Lowside Magazine, Lowside Garage, and 515 Moto- Rich Gohlinghorst is a busy busy guy. He’s there every day, all day long. Jon from Monstercraftsman is busy making awesome new products and gizmos. Jeff Yarrington is perfecting fancy light up paint. It’s amazing.

 Visit the 515 Moto website, Monstercraftsman, Lowside Magazine, and Lowside Garage for more info.
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