A Letter to Car Drivers

Now that I have calmed down from my outrage I would like to write a note to cars everywhere.

Hello, car drivers. We call you cagers, for the most part. Why? Because you’re in your little bubble acting like everyone else doesn’t exist and the only thing in the entire universe going on is you getting to wherever the hell it is you’re going. 

[Photo: Jeremy Brooks]

You don’t have to be riding a motorcycle to realize this, especially after you’ve spent a fair amount of time in the seat of one. You get to know the realities (or should I say horrors) of your inability to process the space and objects around you. 

Why, why, why, WHY do you freak out when I come up behind you going 10 miles an hour faster? Does your little heart start palpitating with fear? Easy solution: move out of the passing lane. Okay, fine… maybe I shouldn’t be speeding. Well, I don’t see any indications that you (in your Buick, Prius, Civic, whatever) are an Officer of the Law. And while I do not condone going over the speed limit to other people (because most people can’t drive… an undertone of this note) I will admit that I have done it. But that still gives you absolutely no right to try to inflict damage (bodily in the case of a motorcyclist) to me by being outright reckless.

We are not driving recklessly because we are speeding. Having control of the vehicle, knowing the space around you, understanding your stopping distance (and more) is all an indication of a driver in control of their vehicle. Your frantic power braking and weaving throughout your lane just proves your incompetence behind the wheel.

My father always repeated these two mantras when I was a child:

Look all around and see what you look at. 


If it were a snake, it would have bitten you.

What these have in common is their reference to the importance of being observant and aware. Do I have to remind you that a traffic accident can kill people? Or do you forget that in your frantic state of anger brought on by a car daring to pass you?

I ask you please, again… to open your eyes. Look all around and see what you look at. Let people pass, don’t travel under the speed limit in the passing lane when there is no traffic… I’ll stop there. 

And for f**ks sake, don’t drive if you’re terrified behind the wheel.

[A major tip of the hat to Hell For Leather and their Open Letter post from today. I returned home from dealing with an incredibly erratic car driver with road rage and suddenly got the urge.]

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