Alan Kempster: More Than Whole


When it comes to stories like this… sometimes it feels like the proper words are hard to find. In 1990 Alan Kempster was in a nasty motorcycle accident- hit by a drunk driver that caused his right arm and leg to be amputated. That didn’t keep him from his passion and love for motorcycles. From maintaining his race bike to taking first place… he does it all plus some.

“I’d just like to say to anyone with a disability: If you have a dream and a passion you have to follow it. You’re the one that has to make it happen, no one else will make it happen.” – Alan Kempster

In case you need more inspiration today, here’s his video “Left Side Story”.

This video goes to show that good riding posture on track is not limited to your legs and how close you can get your knee to the ground-

Thanks Alan for being a total bad ass and inspiration to motorcyclists everywhere. If you ask me, this can say a lot about life and living in general and not just riding!

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