MotoLadies… Tables Turning?

In the last week I’ve seen countless motorcyclists. However, I’ve actually seen a good amount of motorcycling women. I’m actually now getting shocked by the numbers… in the greatest way.

What have you guys been observing… Are the tables turning? Are women getting on their own bikes now rather than riding on the back? 

My good friend Joel who is a Senior Instructor of BRT (the motorcycle certification class through Team Oregon) stated that 60% or more of his classes are made up by us ladies these days.1 Their success rate through the class for women is no less than men.

I foresee more and more moto related advertising catering to women who ride than those who ride as a passenger. It would behove them to do so, as the world has approximately 6,928,198,253 people on it (of which just under 50% are women)2. What does this mean for you? Motorcycles that are more comfortable for the average size woman to ride, gear that actually fits the female form and provides full protection… among other things. What more could you ask for? Oh, you’d like it to be affordable? Since manufacturers won’t be making minuscule runs of product for a small demographic of lady riders, gear will probably be cheaper too. 

Does this mean we’ll first have to endure pink and purple motorcycles before we get cool all black options just like the boys? Yes. Do we need special motorcycles anyway? Hell no. Though sure, seats like the one the Ducati Diavel comes with are definitely more comfortable since they provide a lower seat position and an ergonomic shape for lady booty. Given these trends, it’s easy to see more of these existing in the world. 

1) Joel Crawford, Team Oregon
2) IndexMundi “World Demographics Profile 2012”
Photo credit: Valerie and her Honda CB175, submitted by Cat 
Author: Alicia Mariah Elfving 

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