Hi Motolady, In regards to your recent photo with the 2 ducati monsters and the sports classic, are they spotlights underneath the iconic ducati light?! they are so awesome! where did you get them from! congrats on getting your ducati running, you will love it! Keep up the great blog, its brilliant :) Denton :]

Hey Denton!

Are you referring to this image of the three wonderful Ducati moto ladies? The bikes are actually all three sport classics, the one on the left is a Paul Smart. 

The photo was taken in 2008 outside MotoCorsa (my work). It features “the girls of MotoCorsa” at the time. Kat now works at Rev’It! in Philadelphia, and Erica still works here at MC.

And thank you, the Monster Project will probably never quite end, much like the work to my Maxim. But such is the way of mechanical process. 😉


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